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  1. Trout Fever

    beginners vice package recommendation

    Tying sucks go to gander mountain in Middletown the had a buy 2 flies get 10 free couple weeks ago !! This topic is the biggest mistake of a new tier could make !! Keep it simple buy some size 12 hooks one spool of thread and talk someone in to sending you some sample hackle the tompson vise i...
  2. Trout Fever

    vasectomy for Beetle

    Lol !!! I was thinking about getting done 2 kids is cool I have 2 boys 2 and 5 years old I don't know if the wife wants more now but I'm not going to be the reason we can't have an other you know what I mean !! But I'm also 29 not the beetles age
  3. Trout Fever

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    haha just been busy lot of stuff going on starting to slow down which is a good thing i have only sat down at the vise twice since may!!
  4. Trout Fever

    has NEFF recovered?

    lol you guys are as allways too much
  5. Trout Fever

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    hwppy thanksgiving a day late you all you die hard neffers lol if thats what you guys call your selfs
  6. Trout Fever

    Northern Pike On The Fly - 11.10.2013

    you guys want to catch northern pike go a few hours north of port jervis and pick just about any lake / pond and you will catch pike just like the pickeral down here pike are relentless up there they just keep biting and cutting line!!
  7. Trout Fever

    Pre-holiday fly swap.

    To much going on right now after the new year
  8. Trout Fever

    Pre-holiday fly swap.

    Haha remaining tyers
  9. Trout Fever

    Fisher cat

    wait till trappig season i believe nov 10 in new york that pelt is worth between 175 and 100 bucks if taken care of correctly
  10. Trout Fever

    What happened to NEFF?

    i know its because i hvent been around
  11. Trout Fever

    12' 6' 7w spey rod and reel combo

    Hey guys been a while since ive posted but with reports of salmon in the dsr got me thinking and realized im going to be too busy this year to get up there i still have this spey rod for sale i know its not a super high dollar set up but it did cost around $600 bucks and it would definatly be a...
  12. Trout Fever


    well congrats chris i havent been around much lately but looks like your enjoying your stay up there!! have you found out what your having boy or girl?
  13. Trout Fever

    craziest wildlife encounter

    hawks are extremely territorial my father and i fly a redtailed hawk and we were in an area where bald eagles were and let me tell you the eagles do not like hawks in there area..
  14. Trout Fever

    playing with feathers

    thats pretty fucking cool
  15. Trout Fever

    Cicadas 2013 A bust

    The cicadas are all over Newburgh and Cornwall hundreds of the loud ass bugs
  16. Trout Fever


    how did you know they were german? they talk wierd to you?
  17. Trout Fever

    Catchin some fish

    it was this <------------------------------------> big and the shit got deeper nice stocky mountian boy
  18. Trout Fever

    12' 6' 7w spey rod and reel combo

    I'm not an ass of course I would donate few dollars to the cause
  19. Trout Fever

    12' 6' 7w spey rod and reel combo

    hey guys bet you remember when i posted i was excited to get this set up im looking to sell my spey rod its a cabelas lsi 12' 6" 7w with lamson konic reel Orvis gel spun backing rio floating running line with a 450 grain scandi shooting head with a couple poly leaders brand new bought it with...