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    WBD current conditions

    past couple of years i've noticed a lot of small browns upriver this time of year.
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    Letort Spring Run Falls

    Love that creek
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    Fisherman unaccounted for of the Main Stem

    Man Drowns in Delaware River | WBNG-TV: News, Sports and Weather Binghamton, New York | Local
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    Neversink worry and scumbag locals

    agree with njpatbee. why you guys busting on cmm? what would you do if some unruly kids threw rocks at you? jeez.
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    really? wow, that's cool. thanks for letting me know.
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    My Simms G3's have finally worn out after 4 good seasons. Looking for some new waders. Love the Simms, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions? Anyone tried the new Patagonia's? They're pricey, but...Any other good ones? I fish salt and sweetwater. Thanks. FE
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    My Eulogy for osama

    Simms: A cut and paste effort with no attribution? Guess you haven't learned about plagiarism yet in law school. Also, you never provided any evidence of the US gov't role in 9/11...which was indeed your original argument. Truly pitiful and disgraceful effort. And as someone mentioned...
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    Beetle will CRUSH NEFF!

    Dennis: My preference would be this place. I miss it.
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    Beetle will CRUSH NEFF!

    How come Beetle never learned how to spell Dennis' last name correctly? While I agree that we could all use a new site since this one has gone to shreds (thanks to people like Beetle), your new site, Beetle, is not the answer.
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    Putting Carble in his place

    "YO- Dip shit... 78 posts since 2007... YOUR the reason boards fail. Guess again.. Moron." AK: What is your problem? Big guy calling people names on an Internet chat board. Does that make you feel better about yourself? Who cares many times I've posted. Actually, you and all of your...
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    Putting Carble in his place

    I'm starting to wonder if all of these chat sites end in this way.
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    Favorite Stream in the World

    agree with dennis here. henry's fork, then the Big D (even with the yuppies and their stinktoons, as cdun so poetically puts it)
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    Madoff/t&t rods

    Abel and T&T. And it's Andrew Madoff, not Mark
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    switch rods on the Salmon river

    i recently got an orvis helios switch in an 8. i used it on the margaree in nova scotia. i ain't much of a spey caster (yet), but the rod cast well single and double-handed.
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    Breezy Point

    Yeah, I've been there a bunch on a boat. Really fun. I'm going to give the surf a try.
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    Breezy Point

    Anyone fished Breezy with a fly rod? Any info would be really appreciated. I have an off-road permit. Feel free to PM. Many thanks.
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    Our Friends at PETA

    Saw this on a TU board. I agree with just about everything in it. I'm sick of PETA. PETA Has It All Wrong - Monte Burke - Flow - Forbes
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    Stream Decline

    good list. all may play a part in decline. so, why not change from felt soles if there's even the slightest chance they help spread rocksnot? not trying to be preachy, but we all like to fish for trout, right?
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    Whats OBAMA Stand For

    Trouser Trout: Are you a Catskills comedian or fisherman? Not a very Christian joke there, eh?
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    Whats OBAMA Stand For

    See, here's where these threads all run astray...Macfly, I very much respect your opinions. I've never met you, but you seem like a thoughtful person who just believes something different for me. Then the old "he wasn't born in America" lines are trotted out, and it all just gets frustrating...