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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

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    Trigger point fibers

    Thanks for the replies
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    Trigger point fibers

    Thank you,
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    Trigger point fibers

    Trigger Point Fibers have been out for a while now, Has anyone compared them to deer hair for the wings on Comparadun patters?
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    Remember when

    Last governor was Christine Whitman
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    Classic Trout flies

    And your not getting them back.
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    Classic Trout flies

    Who still uses the classic catskill dry flies?
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    My father caught this today in NJ

    Thats because i didnt have one of your flies Matt. i had a great time there, and it was good to see you.
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    Last fly swap was....

    I have. not received any either. He must be really busy.
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    Last fly swap was....

    I did not receive any
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    T&T rod wanted

    I know someone with a 8' 3 pc. 4wgt. if your interested. It is a LPS model
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    Last fly swap was....

    Where do we send the flies?
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    Famous people you met while fly fishing

    I met Charlie fox on the Letort
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    Last fly swap was....

    Great idea, I'm in.
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    NEFF - Final days or not?

    I've been on this site for the duration that it has been going. If monetary help is still needed to maintain it count me in.
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    Scott Radian fly rod

    The rod is in excellent condition. Perhaps we can meet ,I,m in long Valley
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    Scott Radian fly rod

    I'll trade you my 9' 5 wgt.B111x Winston for it
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    FUDR 2017 One Bug Dinner photo's

    Nice Pictures Dennis
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    Sage One for sale

    I have a 9' 6 wgt. Sage One for sale. Rod is in excellent condition. $350.00
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    Salmon River fly rods

    Since my last post I thought about the 10' 7wgt. and the majority of the responses was to go with the switch rod. So today I ordered a 11' 7 wgt Orvis Helios 2 switch rod. Thanks for all of the feed back. Hope this rod is the ticket.
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    Salmon River fly rods

    Thanks for all the input,10'7wgt. helios2 will be my ticket