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  1. jack1266

    Montana Suggestions

    Option 2. Fly to Idaho falls. Rent car. Hit the Walmart. Buy a cooler and some food /beers. Drive up to Henry’s Fork. Plenty of reasonable lodging and camping. Fly shops are stocked. Lots of places let you grill your food. Bring some coals. Spend a day or two on the Henry’s and continue to...
  2. jack1266

    SBR match the hatch please

    That bug in the avatar was from KLG many years ago. His relatives were being picked off frequently last night. I did see what I though were ISO's and your reply has probably confirmed this. I wasn't sure because I thought it was early in the season for them. Caddis sporadic. Sulfurs...
  3. jack1266

    SBR match the hatch please

    Need some recon info please. Have not been able to get out much this year. Have a chance tonight and want to hit SBR. What's on the menu right now? Califon - KLG area. Thanks.
  4. jack1266

    WTB Orvis Mirage Big Game III spool Bl Nkl

    Old model. Not the current Mirage.
  5. jack1266

    Most difficult river to wade

    W. Branch Ausable for sure. KLG can certainly trip you up. Fished the lower Madison last month. After the third day my guide was amazed I hadn't gone for a swim. Credit to all the days of my youth in the KLG.
  6. jack1266

    Tour de Saturday

    HAHA. I have to agree with you. Upcountry Sportfishing. They sold me some 6x tippet last July and told me I should probably get some 7x or 8x. My biggest trout the other day took a size 14 Rainbow warrior on about 2ft of 5x trailed from a sinking leader. It was flouro tippet though. :)...
  7. jack1266

    Tour de Saturday

    I happened to get out on the Farmington this Saturday. Morning was slow but Hendricksons were coming off in full force by 2pm. Caught three fat browns. Got two on drys but they were refusing duns and gorging on emergers. Had about a dozen refusals on my drys. This was my fourth time...
  8. jack1266

    The iriscaddis

    It was the shuck. I had white zlon and used an artists marker to turn it green. I think it was because of the apple caddis that made me do it.
  9. jack1266

    The iriscaddis

    I've changed the Zlon from orange to apple green and had luck.
  10. jack1266

    The iriscaddis

    I love this fly. Discovered it here two years ago. Fun to tie. It catches fish everywhere, in riffles, pools, in the dark. I get a lot of takes on the swing or lifting at the end of the drift. Thanks for reposting. Gotta tie a fresh batch.
  11. jack1266

    Election day fishing

    I took a drive to BFB. Water was decent but running gin clear. Saw several trout in one pool. Could not persuade them to eat however. Worked the no kill section up from Roy Bridge. Stopped by three three bridges. Saw a couple anglers who had no luck. Water looked good up there. It was a...
  12. jack1266

    Election day fishing

    I will finally be able to fish for a few hours tomorrow after many weeks. Since I am an hour away from all major streams and can't see them, any suggestions on which might be fishing well? Is there water? Just weighing my options as I can also hit NY Croton system in same time. Thanks
  13. jack1266

    more bears

    We must build a wall, and the bears will pay for it!
  14. jack1266

    Hexagenia questions

    they hatch on the lakes and ponds in the Adirondacks. We fished on Lake Placid on July 3rd one year and the rainbows were rising for them. It's an evening hatch. There are some cool articulated patterns for them as well as the extended body types.
  15. jack1266

    So you want a home away from home?

    The roof is shot. Water damage is apparent.
  16. jack1266

    Ramapo Dilemma

    Has any work been done in the Glen Gray area? I was there on Sunday and it looked like they rolled some more rocks into the river upstream from the bridge. Or was the water that low that it looked that way? Beautiful afternoon and did not see one fish rise. There were olives popping all over...
  17. jack1266

    Willow Hazel St Bridge

    Did they finish the Hazel St Bridge? Heading up for first time this year. Want to know if the road is open in both directions. Thanks. Tight lines.
  18. jack1266

    Current Catskill Conditions

    You can find daily reports online from BK Angler and Dette's.
  19. jack1266

    BEAVER burning the spots

    -and easier to carry than the Weamer books!