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  1. Bobby_Wilds

    Delaware Shuttle service

    I was just up there last week and used Gene & Ines. 917 224 2950 call/text theyre right in hancock. they used to run the upper delaware inn (old capra inn) in hancock, but now just run shuttles. bob
  2. Bobby_Wilds

    Last fly swap was....

    flies went in the mail yesterday with a self addressed stamped envelope inside. hope they dont disappoint.
  3. Bobby_Wilds

    Last fly swap was....

    im not sure what i am going to tie up yet. possibly a 20 inch stone. ill tie up 2 flys as well. do we have a date in mind yet ?
  4. Bobby_Wilds

    Last fly swap was....

    i havent posted in a while, but i would be interested in joining the swap.
  5. Bobby_Wilds

    And The Sign Said

    this one is from Upstate NY
  6. Bobby_Wilds

    Tying the Egg-laying Grannom

    i tied a bunch of these up last week after i saw the video. size 14 and 16 and they caught fish on saturday. fish were taken on top and subsurface. great fly that floats well and is easy to see.
  7. Bobby_Wilds

    insect ID

    they are usually flying around heavily with large sulfurs/golden drakes and large slate drakes. during this time usually both flys will catch fish, just switch back and forth until you find the one they are keying in on more. sometimes, they wont take the sulfur/golden or the slate, and thats...
  8. Bobby_Wilds

    insect ID

    this has made me dumber for reading. but i thank you for that waste of time ---------- Post added at 08:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:34 AM ---------- i have since figured out what it was. after getting some time to do a thorough search yesterday afternoon i found a picture of...
  9. Bobby_Wilds

    insect ID

    i am trying to figure out what type of fly this was. dont have a picture of it, i just remember what it looked like. the fly in question...... had a split tail, with a light green body with visible segmentation. the wings and legs were very pale dun/creamy white in color. it would be equal...
  10. Bobby_Wilds

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours:)

    thats a pretty organized box you have there. makes me think i need some organization of my own.
  11. Bobby_Wilds

    fly swap?

    gentleman i regret to do this, but i must withdraw from this fly swap. i will not have time to complete my flys, as i am making the ultimate sacrifice, and getting married this weekend. i had thought i would be completed already, but there was much more to do over the last two weeks than i had...
  12. Bobby_Wilds

    Car Pooling to fish

    this sounds like my typical fishing trip
  13. Bobby_Wilds

    fly swap?

    i would be interested in tying
  14. Bobby_Wilds

    What's everyone tying right now?

    those natives are a good time. pm me if you want, i head up in june every year. its nice up there
  15. Bobby_Wilds

    Little Yellow Sally

    this would kill during a sulphur hatch IMO
  16. Bobby_Wilds

    What's everyone tying right now?

    i havent been tying anything for the up coming weeks, but more for june when i plan to head on my annual fly fishing trip. i have been tying up some pheasant tale wet flys, some other wet flys, been tying some caddis and some generic drys.
  17. Bobby_Wilds


    cant be as bad as jersey neighborhoods ---------- Post added at 12:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:57 PM ---------- so no other info? any ideas of hatches then? do they get green or brown drakes? or just yellows like the battenkill?
  18. Bobby_Wilds


    so i usually head upstate in June every year. i usually fish the battenkill but was thinking of heading the 30mins north to try the mettawee this year. i have drove past it many times, especially in VT. was wondering if anyone can provide any insight as to how the river fishes in june in NY