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  1. flyI4

    Another one Millstone River

    Leave the lehigh alone i feel like im floating the wb in the late 90s when i go there. 2 boats tops and more wild trout than believed.
  2. flyI4

    Cemetery Pool - Esopus Creek

    you epitomize what is ruining this sport get f*cked and find it yourself thats half the fun.
  3. flyI4

    mayflies on the neversink

    The neversink has some great mayfly hatches- you just need to fish further upstream for more reliable dry fly fishing. The gorge gets the most attention because its a unique/wild/pretty area but the reality is that water is far less productive than the upper stretches that more mirror a...
  4. flyI4

    Early Spring - Late Spring ??

    I think the bugs matured a lot during the warm up we saw prior to the storms hitting and the bugs will be here by second-third week in april. That said, I think we are going to see major spillage on all the tailwater systems/downstream water so when it comes to the risk of high flows I think...
  5. flyI4

    What style of restaurant?

    glad to hear something is coming of that place- its been quiet there since I've been coming up. My place is only 5 minutes away- I'll be in there once u are opened regardless aside from option 6. That will likely just be the lesbians coming down from the mountains trying to cure their writer's...
  6. flyI4

    NEFF - Final days or not?

    Dennis, Its crazy to think this site is nearly 20 years old. A lot of people have met and still fish together to this day as a result of initially meeting/discussing here. I think the FB page option would be a good way to keep things going, and would actually fit better with current trends...
  7. flyI4

    Decree states about to ratify new FFMP

    The thermal bank was a big thing that we needed added and I'm glad to see we will get that. It doesnt need to be perfect temps but its important to be able to ensure the trout get some protection when temps approach lethal levels. The yo yo flows have arguably been the biggest issue to the trout...
  8. flyI4

    Hoppers on the Upper Delaware(?)

    I actually tried throwing hoppers this weekend on the main with the nice temps we had. Didn't get a trout to take but got a few on a dropper which really doesnt say anything about them looking up. The hatches on the lower wb suck right now with almost no bug life to speak of so you prob would...
  9. flyI4

    Fishing Report Catskills

    the fish are doing fine- this season was prob my best season I have ever had and there were more 20-24" fish around this year than I've ever seen in the system. The rivers are healthy . The bugs are not totally gone -I hit a decent sulpher hatch this weekend and saw some of the better hatch...
  10. flyI4

    Fishing Report Catskills

    To argue that extreme conditions can't impact hatches ignores history up there. Look at what happened after the 100 year flood in 04? Hug life was non existent for the rest of the year , and horrible the next year as well. It took a few years to get back to peak and some hatches never returned...
  11. flyI4

    Fishing Report Catskills

    The hatches have been bad everywhere, even on the freestones so to me that rules out the reservoirs/water quality as being the issue. The hatches started getting worse in or around the time we had the crazy winter where the hendricksons were coming off in late february. Everything hatched out...
  12. flyI4

    Fishing Report Catskills

    Hatches have been light to mediocre at best this year for every hatch this year there is no denying that. I have fished up there every weekend aside from 2 since April 1st and have not hit a single blanket hatch all year for any insect. One positive I'll mention is this is the first season in 5+...
  13. flyI4

    Where is everyone?

    One good thing about this year is the higher flows have made the lower east fishable again- past couple seasons its been a dont bother situation. Not a numbers thing over there but I've taken a couple 22-24'' over there this season and have seen some decent bug activity. Upper EB also fishing...
  14. flyI4

    fishing guide Terrace BC

    I'm looking to head to BC for a steelhead trip in 2018- initial review of guide prices out there are high and I was hoping to get a lead from someone on here for a reasonably priced fly fishing guide in the Terrace area /Skeena drainage? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
  15. flyI4

    musky fishing in nj

    Has anyone tried going for musky on the fly in NJ? Ive heard mountain lake and a few others have them in good numbers. Was wondering if this is a legitimate shot to go for them, or just a myth.
  16. flyI4

    Rods loomis nrx vs sage one

    I personally think the sage one 9ft 5wt is the best dry fly rod one can own. I bought one for my dad as a xmas gift 4-5 years ago and started getting jealous of how nice it was when I borrowed it that I ended up getting my own. Its a cannon that is extremely accurate both at distance and closer...
  17. flyI4

    the drought that wont end

    Looking at the gauges, and res levels for tailwaters, its insane how long the rivers have been running low in the tri-state area. We are into November now without a turn around in drought conditions and now we are looking at Cannonsville res having a 25% capacity heading into winter. That type...
  18. flyI4

    Anyone want to float the west branch Sunday 8/21?

    White flies /cahils are a tease on the upper river, u see them around this time of year but the fish rarely get on them. This is due to a variety of factors including the fact there has been a ton of pressure by this time of year and the fish are not as consistent on the surface, and will focus...
  19. flyI4

    Conklin Brook above Neversink Reservoir

    if that is considered good flows- then the fish should be left alone. U call that a challenge? You are pulling fish out of pools the size of my kitchen sink . go for a hike leave the rod in the car
  20. flyI4

    Conklin Brook above Neversink Reservoir

    do you consider it sporting to fish for brookies in a stream that looks like that in summer conditions? And I don't care about whether the water temps were cold, the stream is beyond low.