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    Release program approved its official

    Pete, you raise some excellent points and see through a lot of the behind the scenes crap. I dont think nj is the only one who recognizes this :hoarding: effect, I think they are the only decree party member with the .a.ls to say it. We now have a few months to better the program for all...
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    Shannon's Fly and Tackle Fall Fishing Contest

    rford: if you cant find them, you can get them directly from Chota for $6.50 QUICKLACE™ REPLACEMENT KIT
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    DRBC Public Hearing Sept. 26th

    Kurt, read post titled Its Official...approved.....
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    Release program approved its official

    Well, its official, Starting in a few days, a new released base program will be in effect on the Upper Delaware Tailwaters. Program goes into effect 10/1 What does this mean? The framework the Coalition initially presented to the NYDEC and the various decree parties, getting away from a...
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    Where to fish this weekend??

    I think GH is referring to the Neversink. THe navesink connects into the Shrewsbury and into sandy hook bay.
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    Responsible West Report

    A new 5 & dime store seller. Fly Fishing Report Mad Libs. (some of the younger generation may not know mad libs...) Should have a contest...Fill in the blanks... vote on the best one...just need to know what should get and adj, noun or verb.
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    Reservoir and Flood Question

    Dont forget diversions as well. On top of the releases, max diversions from Cannonsville and Pepacton can be up to about 1/2 billion gallons a day each (as long as they are below their running average) Problem with the max diversions, there may be a flood problem in Westchester with spill from...
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    WB Fri Aug 3rd

    Spinner (matt), don't be a "dope" (word courtesy Green Highlander) Stop playing Green Highlanders Monkey. ("monkey" courtesy of Green Highlander) I'd stop while you can without really looking silly
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    WB Fri Aug 3rd

    Yup, thats me! Difference...informational, static that can be found in any old book.. (ask the person who wrote it) I just posted it, didnt write it, Matter of fact, person who wrote it owns a pretty well known shop as highlander said and predicted I would spin it. Site is not directed at a...
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    Charter boat recommendation?

    Rford, Dont understand your shot at humor here. It was over 10 years ago when I figured out that Tuna was a fish and not just a picture on a can. When was the last time you went out to the canyon for free? Where we supposed to all pay for your trip a few years ago when you invited us at a few...
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    Upper Delaware rated top five by Field and Stream

    Just can't help yourself can you?
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    WB Fri Aug 3rd

    You've had many years of low water in years past. Last year, the year before, its never been as crowded as it is lately. Perfectly good answer: All the blow hards who have to brag about how many fish they caught and how big the fish are after they are measured with a rubber ruler. Whats with...
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    Charter boat recommendation?

    Try Chris Jensen, blackfinflyfishing.com 27' (measures 30') condender Dont need to blow the mother load on a boat to the Canyon. If you are looking to fly fish for bluefin, this is a perfect boat, quick and affordable for 1 or 2 guys. 2 years ago we were getting into bluefin (30lbs+) within a...
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    70 degree theory

    Ill dig the name up of a gentleman I spoke to about a month back. He is the head of one of the larger conservation groups in Montana and also high up the chain at Montana's fish and game. A very nice man willing to talk if you can get him on the phone and very knowledgable about how Montana...
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    Chat Box

    How do you get rid of the chat box. Every time I click the close or open button it either goes to archive or back to current box.
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    Hackle Question

    Typically work from the rear forward. Everything to the eye. Be sure you reverse wrap the body so when you wrap the hackle its not wrapped in the same direction, it can slip in between the wraps of the body. In other words, wrap the body towards you and the hackle away. Tie in the tail, tie...
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    Grande Cascapedia - 48 hour countdown.

    We should all expect a pretty lengthy story. A 3 day trip, Ralph and his buddy who invited him decided to save time and in order not be completely wiped out when they arrived, they would fly to Boston, fly from Boston to Maine, rent a car and drive the next 5+ yrs to their final location...
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    Grande Cascapedia - 48 hour countdown.

    Bring some advil for your shoulder after you throw it out of socket
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    Free gear for a kid in need...

    Orvis hooks them up. They have a FF club with quite a few people in it.
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    Synthetic Purple Dubbing for Dry Flies?

    For natural hair, Beaver ties well and can be found in deep maroon. you can try dying some white superfine. KIS by using RIT. Wont last as long as an acid dye but easy and quick.