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  1. MikeValla

    In need of ADK guidance ASAP!

    Just as a suggestion. While the Region 5 fisheries guys are good people, in their roles, I wouldn't ask them about remote pond conditions in the ADKs. At least the ponds I've written about. Your better bet is the Forest Rangers for that region. They routinely trek in to those places, to check...
  2. MikeValla

    In need of ADK guidance ASAP!

    I live a short distance from the ADK's, here in New York. My cabin was 20 minutes from Warrensburg. And have fished the ponds and streams since 1975. To give you a perspective, I don't think I've ever seen the season delayed this long up here. Maybe it's been worse in years past, but I don't...
  3. MikeValla

    Siamese ponds

    Sunsignarcher: It's still very much winter up here. "Ice-out" on the ponds I wrote about in that article can vary by 3-weeks to even a month, depending on the severity of the winter. I've also run into snow up there, as late as May. Last year, we went in 11 miles to a very remote Adirondack...
  4. MikeValla

    Siamese ponds

    No, I didn't build my Kevlar craft. Pete Hornbeck builds them. I mentioned him in the article. He also has super, super-light kevlar-graphite models. I may upgrade soon; my 10ft kevlar is pretty beat up now. Here's Pete at work.
  5. MikeValla

    Siamese ponds

    Kevlar canoes are not cheap. But after trips in with float tubes and also some trips wade casting (when you can---limited) I'm almost always using a canoe now. Float tubes work---but when winds are up, you're screwed. Here's a photo of how my Kevlar canoe attaches to my Kelty metal frame...
  6. MikeValla

    Siamese ponds

    Eastern Fly Fishing magazine---this issue. -It takes a while to understand the wilderness ponds, and how to fish them, and when. You can run into anything way back in there. Fish--but also snow, bugs, etc. It can be very exhausting getting in and I don't think there was ever a time when I...
  7. MikeValla

    Siamese ponds

    As the author of that magazine piece let me offer some further advice. Try the other ponds I mentioned in the article, the ones that have photos in the story. Those are the prime brookie waters. I go in 4X times a year and have found that spring after ice-out and again in the fall (mid-...
  8. MikeValla

    Mike Valla's Founding Flies

    NJPatbe, First, thanks for your comments--and thanks for thinking of picking up the book. Much appreciated. >You mentioned Lenny Wright. If and when you get the book, you'll find the introduction is largely devoted to explaining how individuals were selected. Among a lot of other things, the...
  9. MikeValla

    Fly Tying Symposium and the "Bug Guy"

    >I'll make sure folks are aware of this. Thanks for alerting us. -I'm looking forward to attending the show Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see some of my friends from this forum. -MV
  10. MikeValla

    In today's mail....Feelin' Pretty good....

    Ok...fair question. And one that I anticipated at the very early stages of writing. You'll have to read the Introduction---most of it addresses that question. I made a big point of describing the thought that went into who was selected. It covers many---but not everyone that deserved mention...
  11. MikeValla

    In today's mail....Feelin' Pretty good....

    It's at Stackpole by mid-July (moved up). (Dette Fly Shop is planning a special signing---contact Joe). Available at other fly shops---on Pre-Order now from Barnes and Noble---Amazon, etc. etc.
  12. MikeValla

    In today's mail....Feelin' Pretty good....

    Feelin' pretty good today. Received from Stackpole today an author's copy of The Founding Flies. Thanks to all, from throughout the U.S.--coast to coast who sent to me their private collections of flies tied by the masters themselves. It was an awesome experience photographing original...
  13. MikeValla

    Doc Fried, rest in peace...

    Received word today that Dr.--"Doc" Allan Fried died this morning. Doc was one of the most generous guys. He was always willing to share hackle eggs with anyone who asked. As well as advice, and all without embellishment. Such a humble man. For all of you who enjoy Collins hackle, Doc is to...
  14. MikeValla

    Camp gathering, May 4---Shushan, NY

    Guys are coming up to camp May 3-4.Camp is a mile up the road from the Battenkill. 3 miles from the Vermont Border. Fish, tie flies, eat drink----whatever. If you're around these parts that weekend, PM me for directions. fish NYS or Vermont water. Shushan, NY -MV
  15. MikeValla

    Wild Brook Trout

    mayfly14 You asked about "the new book." It's a pretty large book--a 100 pages longer than the 232 page "Catskill" book. Lots of good stuff. Thanks for asking, -MV Check my blog for details (Google Heritage Fly Tiers)...on pre-ordering via Amazon. Shops, of course, will have it, too, upon...
  16. MikeValla

    Wild Brook Trout

    Sounds like a grand time; glad you got out there, BRK TRT
  17. MikeValla

    Two Fly Competition - Ausable River May 17-18

    It really is worth attending. You'll have a great time. -MV
  18. MikeValla

    Vernal Equinox

    Indeed, today is the first day of spring. Sure didn't appear that way this morning, on the Battenkill River.
  19. MikeValla

    2013 Season celebration, at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum.

    Put April 6 on your calendar and attend the 2013 Trout Season celebration at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. The official group cast will be at 9:30AM at the DEC public pull out just above the museum bridge. Joan Wulff and others will be in-water to celebrate---and there are other...
  20. MikeValla


    What a nice March day today, is correct! Sunny---and shirt sleeve weather, for sure up here near the Vermont/ NYS Border! Went up to fishing camp today---to start building the new shower stall. The 40 gal. hot water tank went in last week (to replace the 2.5 gallon point-of-use unit----)...