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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

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  1. sh4ne87

    Catch, no release

    Nice! i will be there on Friday. Sold the county some fountains for a beautification project.
  2. sh4ne87

    Merry Christmas you church curtains!

    Here are a few pictures over the past couple years to get some content going A couple from the dryway section of the Deerfield in Mass, the neversink in NY and the Ausable.
  3. sh4ne87

    Merry Christmas you church curtains!

    UPDATE: I did not realize he made a post. Gentlemen, did you know Chris now a married man?
  4. sh4ne87

    Dam removal on upper Spruce Run Creek

    Great post! This was a cool project for all of us being that it was very high profile. I believe it was on the top of the state's list for dam removal. It's very rare that DEP even shows up. We used it in a presentation and I am sure I can find more pictures of the project to add. It's sad...
  5. sh4ne87

    NEFF - Final days or not?

    I'm sure I could get Simms fired up again. I developed a couple good relationships with people on here. Rusty Spinner and I did some work together recently. I thank this forum for that.
  6. sh4ne87

    The Gorge

  7. sh4ne87

    New reel

    I really like the nautilus reels . Same price range you're looking at.
  8. sh4ne87

    Catskills Early Spring

    With the weather giving us some nice days to fish, I have been hitting the streams up north. In the past week, I have fished the neversink, mongaup and west branch. It was crazy to see my guides freezing up early morning in the neversink last saturday. It was 27 degrees at 6 am! Not much bug...
  9. sh4ne87

    Neversink Gorge: LOST FLY ROD & REEL

    At first i thought he was kidding. I'd hate to say it, but, a set up that nice in those neck of the woods is sure to be kept by the finder. Side note: CMM, grow up. Just because the gorge is your secret spot to touch your little sister doesn't mean we cant fish there.
  10. sh4ne87

    In need of ADK guidance ASAP!

    ...i think i follow you on instagram. i was at lake george this past weekend and they said there was ice up until last thursday. i havent fished much around that area but I would key in on small wild trout streams.
  11. sh4ne87

    Neversink 04-16-2015

    One that I post of forums as clickbait to get the pee diddlers to post about it. Come and watch the show. I fish the sink with 350 grain sinking line and no backing. 8 weight. Gets those guys skipping clear across the water like a smooth stone.
  12. sh4ne87

    Neversink 04-16-2015

    Simms and I will be there Saturday morning. If you choose to join us, you can locate us by closely listening out for the words "Ring dong" and "Ringdoo" said very loudly with multiple inflections. We will be parked at the lot on Katrina Falls Rd. May even hit the Mongaup on the way back.
  13. sh4ne87

    Back in Sales = More time fishing / Steelhead

    Just accepted a job back in the sales field, more specifically corrugated packaging in northeast nj and lehigh valley territory ( if you know anyone :)) At any rate, this means I will be traveling a lot and be sure to have the fly rod in the car for the hatches in the evening. I havent fished...
  14. sh4ne87

    From Colorado to New Jersey. Mega Post

    Tip of my hat to all here back east. I decided to share a few photos from my one year spent in Colorado. They sure arent all of them but i figured i would share the locations I endeavored to. Il be honest too, the fishing was a lot tougher than I expected on the front range. I was able to fish...
  15. sh4ne87

    NJ return

    any streams with run off are high, fast and off color which means they arent fishing too well. deckers has been fishing very well and if you have a day pack, do the hike into cheeseman if you wanna catch a pig. I have been doing well on juju baetis, but watch out for caddis hatching. if all...
  16. sh4ne87

    NJ return

    Well, I was only out here a year but I am returning to Jersey to take a job in operations management for a restaurant group. I would love to wet a line with you boys again and look forward to getting back in the scene. Learning to fish out here was pretty tough and fishing the front range is...
  17. sh4ne87

    I'll be skipping the D for big wild browns in this river.

    i got chills just looking at the pic. That river holds the most fish per mile and also has some absolute wild hogs. if you walk up about 300 yards from there, youll find a long pool that is dry fly haven during a hatch. thats where i picked up this beauty last year.
  18. sh4ne87

    Rocky Mountain Correspondent

    I thought about you guys once I realized opening day is upon you back east. I do not think I have posted since last may, but still encourage you all to contact me if heading west. Someone smack simms across the face for me if you see him. The fishing out here is completely different ( which...
  19. sh4ne87

    Boulder CO

    Welp, Fishing FOr Me Is Done For A While. Il Post Some Photos Of What My Fishing Spots Now Look Like. If I Can Get To Them That Is.
  20. sh4ne87

    Retirement from NEFF

    Well i took a job out in Boulder/Denver Colorado and il be leaving sometime next week so it looks like my time around here is limited. Ive been fishing a bunch to get my last few casts in and its been great, but sadly im off to new places and new waters. If anyone is out in that area in the...