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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

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  1. RickW

    Salmon River Report 2009

    I love this thread, it's the one thing in life that you can always count on.
  2. RickW

    Salmon River Report 2008

    These were approved September 10 and will take effect on Oct. 1. They will apply to the lower and upper flyfishing zones of the Salmon River. The effect of #7 will be to effectively outlaw "chuck and duck" fishing, where the weight provides the casting impetus. Not too surprising, but some...
  3. RickW

    Korkers Streamborn

    For what it's worth, I have a pair of Korker boots with the changable soles. I've had them 2+ years and never had a problem with the soles coming out.
  4. RickW

    I applaud new jersey (seriously)

    Ahhh Skimmer, there you go again, crackin me up :rofl: as always, proud to be a 5.6%'er
  5. RickW

    Prime Waterfront near Altmar NY

    Waterfront Property FS, Minutes from world class fishing in Altmar, NY near Happy Valley WMA, Garage is huge...store your driftboat, snowmobiles and 4 wheelers. Prudential First Properties - Specializing in Central New York Real Estate Contact me or your own agent for info. Rick Wilson...
  6. RickW

    Salmon River Report 2008

    Just remember fellas, when a woman says " I don't give a $hit, you can go where ever the f*** you want" SHE DOESN'T REALLY MEAN IT!
  7. RickW

    Salmon River/Little Sandy River STOLEN GEAR

    Chris, That stinks bigtime. Sad to say, the salmon season brings the goons out. :mad: (Chris, just a thought ....you may want to post this on Salmon Crazy also, if you're not a member there I could cut and paste or link it for you. Let me know)
  8. RickW

    Salmon River Report 2008

    ein Teufelshunde? :guns: I must have missed that in the earlier posts. My son is a jarhead...carry on Devil Dog :D
  9. RickW

    Salmon River___How do you fish it?

    can someone please 'splain trotting to me?
  10. RickW

    Salmon River Report 2008

    Looking forward to fishing with you this year. Now that I'm a retired guy, I find I'm busier than ever, but I have one thing I didn't have before.....I can now choose the things that keep me busy.:D
  11. RickW

    Salmon River Report 2008

    Hows it goin' boys? Skimmer, I'm happy to see your wit is razor sharp and in top form (as always). Looks like low water won't be a problem this year. :D
  12. RickW

    New York Pier Fishing (With A Fly Rod)

    Great read...my kind of story. Thanks
  13. RickW

    Happy Birthday Rford!!

    Belated happy birthday Ralph. Maybe I'll see you again in pull-ass'ky
  14. RickW

    Salmon River advice

    I said don't ask me :rolleyes:
  15. RickW

    Salmon River advice

    You guys crack me up :rofl: btw, you don't have to run to keep up with a drift boat, they go at a fast walk......(don't ask me how I know) :D
  16. RickW

    Salmon River Report 2007

    The above quote is in regards to the poor (so far) egg take at the hachery. I don't know much about fisheries management, but it seems to me that if the salmon popluation dropped, it would be to the advantage of the steelhead and browns. It seems I heard that one of the reasons that lake Erie...
  17. RickW

    plan b

    hee, hee. You guys crack me up :rofl:
  18. RickW

    Ausable WB 6/8-6/10

    The last time I was there, the fence didn't completly block the river. You can access the river from the campground. It is pretty rugged terrain tho' and you could easily get yourself into a jam if you don't use good judgement. FWIW, I like the campground.
  19. RickW

    Ausable WB 6/8-6/10

    My $.02: Kevin was ok, at least his river reports were honest. If the water was too warm, he would tell you to leave the trout alone, and find someplace to fish for pike or bass. Fran would just tell you the fishing was good, and to fish late early or late. I first saw Fran about 20+ years ago...
  20. RickW

    First rod to build?

    There's a lot of good info here: Phorum :: rodboard