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    Long Beach Island, NJ With The Flyrod?

    There is plenty of parking early in the morning.
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    Long Beach Island, NJ With The Flyrod?

    Didnt find any Bass but the blues were heavy. Thanks for all the help!
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    Long Beach Island, NJ With The Flyrod?

    Thanks everyone. Going to try and get out there soon!
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    Long Beach Island, NJ With The Flyrod?

    Going to be spending some time down in LBI this summer. Recently picked up a 9wt and want to see if I can get some time in the water with it down there. Does anyone know some spots that would make sense wading on LBI? I don't have access to a boat so I have to be able to wade. Been looking...
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    Hiked a WTS The Other Week.

    My brother and I had a day and decided to hike into a WTS on a hot and humid day. Got two small brownies.
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    Letort Springs

    Headed out west to the area of Letort. Anyone have a spot where I could park for access? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pond Eddy, NY This Weekend

    Thanks for the tips. Didnt get to fish, it was just too hot out.
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    Pond Eddy, NY This Weekend

    I will be up in Pond Eddy, NY this weekend and looking to do some fly fishing. Does anyone know some good water is this time of year? Where to park or direction to walk? I am not trying to get into the Big Delaware just some smaller streams. I am trying to stay on the NY side but if I have to I...
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    Some recent flies from the vise

    Yeah Caddis Larva, I know they aren't comparable to the elite flies some can make on here. Im not worried about it.
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    Some recent flies from the vise

    Apparently my tying skills are as good some peoples web design skills.
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    Some recent flies from the vise

    Hey these are the first 3 flies i have ever tied. Pretty sure I won't catch anything with them. I also don't have a camera to get those close up shots.
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    Gear Stolen In Blairstown, NJ

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up and reminder. A friend of mine had a bunch of gear stolen out of his truck this past Sunday while he was fishing at Footbridge Park. He filed a police report but its doubtful anything will come of it. Lock your doors and hide your gear.
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    Largemouth on a 3wt.

    Was too hot to fish for trout on Sunday so went local and caught a Largemouth on a frog pattern.
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    What kind of set up do you need to fish these?
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    Fishing the KLG with Lightenup

    Where's the "Meathole" I want to catch "fish!"
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    Hey hey flies

    Good luck on this board. I suggest to "Think Before You Post." The only way to learn and figure it out, is to get out there and fish. Enjoy!
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    Caught a nice rainbow on the Pequest!

    I picked this one up this morning at the Pequest. Largest fish ever on the fly for me. It was a good time.
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    PA Camping for Trout Stocking

    Thank you for trolling my post. I knew someone with a lot of time on their hands would give me a boring response. All of your suggestions worked except 1-800-Ineedtobookafuckingcampground. Do you have an alternate number by any chance? My apologies for logging on to respond. I will now log off...
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    PA Camping for Trout Stocking

    Im looking for a campsite for this falls trout stock season. Coming from NJ, I am not familiar with anything PA has to offer. We are most likely looking for eastern PA. Any help would be great. Thank You.
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    Help with Indian Grove Brook

    So I am working up around Bernardsville for the next week or so. I saw that Indian Grove Brook was listed as a wild trout stream. This morning I took a drive to check out the stream. Although I did find some possible spots I am unsure of where I should park or gain access from. Can anyone help...