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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

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  1. tomfly

    Early Spring - Late Spring ??

    Fr me the best 2 weeks of the season are the last week of April and the first week of May. Up in the ADs the last week of May 1st week of June.
  2. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    I want to thank DC for his generous donation of Flys for Protect Healing Waters . When I get the entire donation together . I will take pictures and post them. I just want to let you guys know. Besides the swap which is fun. It's a great thing you are doing for our wounded Vets. Not one to go...
  3. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    I have had 2 PM for my address. Are we still doing this? I said will host it. I have no problem with that. Do not expect me to chase anyone to send their flies. With my work schedule lately, I don't have the time or the desire too. If I do not here form the rest by the 1 of March. ( 4 days )...
  4. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    Sorry I have not been on . 10 hour a day Busy at work PM me for my address when you are ready to send them. I had to order hooks got them the other day so my Flies will be ready on the 31st.
  5. tomfly

    Beetle Book Deal, Bitches!

    49.99 in Bolivars ?
  6. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    PM me when you are ready for my address.
  7. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    Post a picture.
  8. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    I apologize for not being on . Crazy busy at work. I am going to tye Rhyacophila Caddis larva ( kill them on it from mid march to late April) Low profile ( floating) Elk wing Caddis. Give me a time line for your flies. I would like to have it wrapped up by March 1st. Is that good with...
  9. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    We have 8. Are we good?
  10. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    We have 7 as it stands should we hold out for 3 -5 more or go with who we have? What is the consensus? I will go with what you guys say.
  11. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    I am sure they would appreciate your technical aptitude
  12. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    We are going to go with LU's theme .
  13. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    Anyone that does not wish to participate. Any Fly donations to add to the Healing waters portion would be great . The donation is going to be given in the name of North East Fly Fishing Forum.
  14. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    We have 4 we need a least 6 more.
  15. tomfly

    Famous people you met while fly fishing

    Francis Betters and Art Flick when I was a kid. At both times I had no idea who either of them were. I met Betters on the Ausable when I was 15 and Flick on the Beaverkill when I was 13. Both funny stories. Betters, I never heard of him when I met him . My father knew exactly who he was...
  16. tomfly

    What is your fishermen name?

    I am stuck with Gaffy Baitboy?:down:
  17. tomfly

    Last fly swap was....

    I will host it. I would like to go with your theme . I also have a secondary condition: Each person will double the amount of flies tied. Example: 12 persons in the swap each member will make 22 flies. The other 11 flies from each person will be donated to Project Healing Waters.
  18. tomfly

    Register and post at GB Mag

    Are you referring to this one?
  19. tomfly

    Merry Christmas you church curtains!

    My grandfather was a dye chemist . He received grade A pelts from the Fur coat manufactures for testing. I have more dubbing then I could us in a 100 lifetimes.3 plastic bins full of pelts. Some of it I have no idea what it is. PM me if you want some.