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  1. Catskill

    Flies to use this time of the year

    Dry fly fishing in New Jersey in February can be challenging because the water temperature is typically cold and there are fewer hatches. However, some good dry fly patterns to try during this time of year include midges, blue-winged olives, and winter stoneflies. For midges, try using small...
  2. Catskill

    Why fish the Upper Delaware River?

    The Delaware River in NY/PA, is home to a diverse population of fish including brown trout, rainbow trout, some brook trout (Most likely stocked), and smallmouth bass. The Delaware River is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, making it a popular destination for anglers and nature enthusiasts...
  3. Catskill

    Top 5 reasons to fish New Jersey wild trout streams

    Natural Beauty: New Jersey has many scenic streams that are nestled within picturesque surroundings, providing a serene and peaceful environment to fish, relax, or hike. The state is home to numerous natural and protected areas such as the Ken Lockwood Gorge, Van Campens Brook, The Pequest, the...
  4. Catskill


    Taylor ham!!!!
  5. Catskill

    West Branch Float

    Been a while since I took out there. How is that boat ramp?
  6. Catskill

    Drift Boat Etiquette: Pissing from the Boat

    New! SIMMS Bladder Bag Waders! lol
  7. Catskill

    Opinion on guide...

    Any opinions on Mike DeRosa, guide on the Salmon River?
  8. Catskill

    I'll be skipping the D for big wild browns in this river.

    Ya Mon. Same people burnin spots. day burnin da wrong stuff Mon. it's the ganja they need to be burnin.
  9. Catskill

    I love the west branch

    Nuttin makes me happier than fishing the West Branch on a cool June day.
  10. Catskill

    Do you believe in Bigfoot?

    Hey Catskill Mountain Moron, How many Bigfoot sightings have you encountered? I would imagine someone of your intellect probably eats lunch with a Bigfoot. So what a yous guys talk about?
  11. Catskill

    found a great fishing site

    I am familiar with bald eagles and a few other bald animals. I google searched for bald animals and found: A monkey: A Cat: A guinea pig: But no bald beavers. I'm calling you out on this one. BOGUS. You're Full of you know what.
  12. Catskill

    Tying the Catskill March Brown

    Beautiful tie, Matt. When you guys create these, how many times do you go through the steps before they come out so perfect, or are you just that good that there's no need for another take. :) Also, just wondering... Why no dubbing toward the front of the fly?
  13. Catskill

    Glass River Fly Rod - Daniel Dembinski - Navy Seal Fraud!

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Glass-River-Fly-Rods/169579503187960 I don't foresee anyone buying a bamboo rod from a guy holding a bass with a big bobber up close and personal but if you know this clown, don't patronize him. Glass River Rods - Just another WordPress site[/FONT][/COLOR]
  14. Catskill

    Annual test of manhood

    Next time you jump into the river in February would you mind tying a cinder block to your ankles. If you want to impress us, that's how to do it.
  15. Catskill

    A couple new additions

    Can you tell me where you got it?
  16. Catskill

    nano resins, the next craze in rod building

    It's not hard to figure out this guy is a fraud. http://fish-pennsylvania.com/nano-resins-the-next-craze-in-rod-building/
  17. Catskill

    How Do You Rate a Rod??

    I had this happen to me today at Costco. I was the only one in line while the dolt behind the counter proceeded to talk to another Costco employee (who appeared to be on break) about his fantasy football league. The nerve of him. He wouldn't even look at me until he was finished. Have you ever...
  18. Catskill

    SNAPZ Strike indicator

    The nature of these things makes your line tangle up too. You'll spend hours trying to get the knots out. GARBAGE! I'll also add that mine cracked too and filled up with water.
  19. Catskill

    Big Flatbrook Fly Fishing Club

    Idiot. Everyone knows that it stands for Trout University. This is where all the pro's go to learn about everything you're asking for.
  20. Catskill

    Big Stones for out West

    I'll be making my bi-yearly run to the Montana/Itheho area pretty soon (Mid June) and will need some nice big stone flies. I'm hoping that someone can tell me a reliable online store where I can buy these things for a reasonable price. Thanks