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  1. bkill

    The WB has officially seen its day

    What are you complaining about..The West Branch is the finest fishery on the East..The rest of the Catskills suck.. you know all the big fish are on the West Branch.. Stop trying to confuse the tourists just so you can have all those 28 inch West Branch Browns to yourself...
  2. bkill

    Beaverkill campground

    The Beaverkill stocking was greatly reduced this year.. I do not know about the covered bridge CG, I would be surprised if they didnt stock those waters pretty heavy. But as Fly14 also stated, the entire river has been fishing extremely well for me this season... Those bows are moving up JC...
  3. bkill

    Best caption for attached picture.

    " Another F**king driftboat...Go back to Jersey you freakin tourist!!"
  4. bkill

    Lost Fly Box On the Neversink.

    Sorry to hear about your box Shane...I have been there... Just a little advice, put your name and contact info on all your boxes.. Most people feel obligated to return something if it has a name on it... Some hope... many years ago I lost a full fly box on the Beaverkill. Two days later, my...
  5. bkill

    Weekend Recap

    Nice pics Al.. Hey Macfly did someone break your jaw..Kinda look like Jacob Marley :D
  6. bkill

    The official NEFF Beer thread.

    So I tried the Roscoe Beer Companys Amber this Saturday at the Two Headed Trout Dinner . It was good, typical micro brew taste.. a little hoppy but after a half dozen you dont even notice... as of now the only place it is available is the Rockland House (Tommy is part owner of the company) and I...
  7. bkill

    The official NEFF Beer thread.

    Guess you didnt read my post... My favorite... I will be drinking it tomorrow night on tap at the Riverside on the Beaverkill...
  8. bkill

    The official NEFF Beer thread.

    I admit to being a beer snob... Life is too short to drink cheap, canned beer.. I enjoy tasting Microbrews and there are too many good ones to list...But I always enjoy the Magic Hat seasonals... Regular beers in my fridge are Pilsner Uruquell, Chimay Triple and Dos Equis (I know..but the taste...
  9. bkill

    George Daniel, AJ's new boss

    Aaron's prices are on par for the industry. Beetle is willing to pay $400+ for a float trip but squawks at $350 for a full day of on water instruction? Trust me when I say it is far easier to row a boat than to spend a full day teaching technique... I am not saying that the Delaware guides dont...
  10. bkill

    The one river

    The Delaware would get crowded with all the people who could only fish their one river.. It is the obvious choice for the East and I am joining the others.. Diverse, Challenging, Scenic and Perfect..... But I would miss the Beaverkill and smaller creeks....Thankfully we do not have to make that...
  11. bkill

    TU Endorsed Gold Fly Shop

    Shannon's Fly & Tackle has been selected as the first Gold Endorsed Fly Shop in the country... I dont want to pat ourselves on the back..But I am just to proud and honored to be part of the team...A big thank you to everyone... Obviously Jim, George and Eric but there are many others who worked...
  12. bkill

    Taking Caddis Seriously

    We fished over caddis hatches on the mud stained Manasquan as kids... The shucks would be attached to tires but they didnt like the shopping carts (maybe the new plastic ones are more attractive to them)... Once I has canoeing the river with a girlfriend and I said "That is Caddis in the trees"...
  13. bkill

    High Bridge considers hydro out of Solitude dam

    This has Al Schweikert's hands all over it.. Former mayor and the only house on the "lake"... New War Cry... BOOM goes the dynamite, Down goes the dam..
  14. bkill

    Worst fly fishing purchase

    In 30 years of fly fishing, I have made a few questionable purchases...by far the worst has been my membership fee / donation to NEFF... The fact that I just wasted 5 minutes of potentially productive work time reading these posts is just one example of years of time wasted reading posts full of...
  15. bkill

    Hunting Big Browns in The Skills 5/5-6/2012

    Nice!! I thought I saw BB on Saturday...Would have stopped and said Hi but was working... Next time!
  16. bkill

    Cabin rentals in the West Branch of the Dele. any recommendations?

    That is a tough weekend to get rooms in the Catskills...I usually reserve rooms for my clients at least 6-8 months ahead... You may try Buckhorn cabins on the East Branch...They are not quite the same quality as WB Angler...
  17. bkill

    Fisher GT-40 6'6" 3PC 5/6wt

    I have no idea...But the Fisher GT-40 is one excellent rod...I still use my GT-40 9 ft 4wt...I think I paid about $350 for it new in the early 90s...At the time, it was the most I ever paid for a rod.. It is one sweet casting stick... Good Luck with your sale...
  18. bkill

    New to the sport

    Welcome... Where do you live?
  19. bkill

    East Branch Delaware River - NYS DEC Application

    I dont see how these improvements would negatively affect canoe or pontoon boats...Personally, I do not see an advantage of driftboats on the Upper East unless it is well over 1000 cfs, at which point the boulders would not hinder navigation.. As others have said, this is pretty much a...
  20. bkill

    He's making videos now.....

    Uncle Fredy Died? NO!!!!:cryin: