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  1. NJFred

    Drift boat etiquette

    I do believe I know who you are talking about. The behavior fits him to a T. He's well known as a problem up there. You did nothing wrong. Just better to put some distance between yourself and this guy.
  2. NJFred

    The Delawares

    Jim.. avoid the math. Go with the new release plan. Bore a hole at the foot of Pepacton dam.
  3. NJFred

    Esopus Creek

    Nicely done! Sounds like you had a great time. As far as losing those nymphs... you want your flies right on the bottom just "ticking" it. You will lose flies but as someone said here, this comes with catching fish. I do love those Tung Head Beads. Learn to tie and you can fill boxes with...
  4. NJFred


    Careful of the Big Browns in the Mud Flats... They may mistake your drone for a meal.
  5. NJFred

    Cannonsville Problems, Releases and Fishing!!!!

    Good news... See the announcement here Upper Delaware River: Normal Operations Resume at Cannonsville Reservoir on the West Branch of the Delaware River
  6. NJFred

    Scientists predict mini ice age coming

    Who knows? I am an American and like most, I don't believe in Science.
  7. NJFred

    Dep increases releases at cannonsville reservoir to facilitate necessary repairs

    Having done a bit more research, here's something that certainly points out reasons the dam operators are being very cautious. I'm not saying Dam Piping is what's going on but clearly they don't know at this point and are being cautious. Note the pages that cover water seepage around the...
  8. NJFred

    Dep increases releases at cannonsville reservoir to facilitate necessary repairs

    Thanks... Sounds like you know something about dams.
  9. NJFred

    Dep increases releases at cannonsville reservoir to facilitate necessary repairs

    Of course the pending damage to the ecosystem if it is a dam leak and difficult to repair could be a big problem. I haven't heard much yet but officials are concerned as the water is silting showing signs of erosion. Is the water coming from an aquifer or from the bottom of Cannonsville? I...
  10. NJFred

    Reservoirs all spilling

    and a ladder please!
  11. NJFred

    Reservoirs all spilling

    Of course all that warm water over the top could and should have been cool clean releases in May when the reservoirs were almost full and at normal levels. But NO....
  12. NJFred


    Good thing NYC hoarded all that water in May even through the reservoirs where 95% full. Now that water will go over the top of the dams starting Monday with large mass of rain coming today and tomorrow and reservoirs at 99% full. At least it will move some of that silt on the bottom of the...
  13. NJFred

    Happy Father's Day!

    The whole goal is for the boys to out fish their dad's! Thanks again for showing them around the other night. Connor and his buddy really appreciated it!
  14. NJFred

    Happy Father's Day!

    From what I've observed, Family is very important to all fly fishers... May your son's and daughters pick up the rod and may you have many happy days a stream with them. (I'm fortunate that fly fishing has become a family affair!)
  15. NJFred

    =Another Guide's Opinion of Spring 2015=

    As you know those of us that fish the system on a regular basis for over 20 years feel the same way. Horrible conditions for the fishery and aquatic insects + just plain old crappy fishing. I can accept the later but not the former.
  16. NJFred


    I'm all for banking water... if... if.. as Brachy says we get it and use it. A simpler approach could be a mandatory thermal release trigger (like in my plan I posted a while back). I've been advocating this for years since they took it out of any flow plan Frankly it's good for both the...
  17. NJFred

    Delaware Still cooking despite precip levels close to average

    Well looks like some good news. All rivers seem to have gotten material water. Best news of all is the situation above Walton...Walton Gauge on the WBD showing 1200CFS this AM. How ironic would it be to see Cannonsville spill by the end of the month? Unlikely but another rain storm or two...
  18. NJFred

    Delaware Still cooking despite precip levels close to average

    Yup... like the salt. The fish will be there but the way it's going, they will be only as big as they are today and some may look anemic. The stop eating at around 73 degrees.
  19. NJFred

    Delaware Still cooking despite precip levels close to average

    Lordville at 75 degrees.. Lower WBD continues to be near 72 (as judged by the Hancock gage). All this when NYC reservoirs are essentially at normal fill and filled. 95.5% actual vs 96.8% normal filled. More incredible, precip near normal as well for the Spring (From NYC's own web site see...
  20. NJFred

    Summer Releases Back in the Old Days

    Jim... not the direct answer to your question but look at the historical values from 1952 forward for Stillesville. Obviously this includes spilling but in some regard the FFMP seeks to manage that as part of the plan so this is something of interest to look at. Certainly no conclusions can be...