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  1. Drossi

    River levels

    I knew it was Monday and time for work when I saw the F'n sun shining bright. :(
  2. Drossi

    Caveat Emptor-Ebay users in New York

    OH well, there goes that. Other states will soon follow cause they won't want to be left out of a dollar grab. I too am interested but you have to assume if it applied to an eBay purchase then it must apply to used goods too.
  3. Drossi

    njtrout.com - old green board

    LOL that might have been me!!!
  4. Drossi

    Nice people Ive met while fishing.

    The Saturday before this one I was out with my teenage son on the upper Musky. The guy in the pool below us was into fish as we could see as we worked down towards him while swinging wets. We intended to get out after fishing the run above him and walk down a quarter mile to give him some room...
  5. Drossi

    Targeting Large Fish on the South Branch

    Keep the Pequest as is.....it keeps the circus clowns all in the same tent. I know where not to fish on most days! Hit it in the bad weather during the week, then its almost pleasant excepting without much foot traffic then the damn bears come out to play. And not the Russian variety either.
  6. Drossi

    Black bear kills a man in NJ

    I wouldn't be so sure. Passiac County, NJDFW, and the other hikers could possibly get sued if some idiot lawyer convinces the family that there is a case here. I mean shouldn't the "state" be protecting its citizens from wild animals.
  7. Drossi

    Mysteryland : Memorial day weekend

    Give up, let go......nobody listens to techno.
  8. Drossi

    Barbless hooks

    Could be that your hook points are dulled and you're only getting a light hookset. I usually run each hook through the sharpener 2 to 3 times when I tie on the fly, I'll repeat this every hour or so if I'm fishing deep especially if I'm hanging up periodically on rocks or debris. A dull hook...
  9. Drossi

    Lake question

    It used to holdover trout pretty well. Over development caused more lawn fertilzer to go into the lake. Led to the explosion in weed growth and the bacteria growth. Caused the oxygen problems. Excessive use by dirty gas motors also hasn't helped.
  10. Drossi

    Duck hunting and blaze orange>

    I fly fished. Wore camo.and had an orange license holder long before you were even an errant cum shot. I still partake in all 3. I guess that makes me the bad guy. YES!!
  11. Drossi

    nj should be ashamed.

    Of all the things that suck about NJ, our DFW and the trout stocking program don't even register. From the time Pequest opened up until this year the fish have always been fine. You have to go back to the last days of Hayford to remember bad stockies. Besides I thought not many here cared about...
  12. Drossi

    Taxing the sun and wind...

    You got that right. Racketeering, bribery, conspiracy, and intimidation are now pretty much standard practice in govt and big business, its just disguised with phrases such as lobbying, coalitions, partnerships, unilateral requests, most favored trade agreements, etc.
  13. Drossi

    More furunculosis

    They should have let the kill and keep crowd into the hatchery to fish the raceways before they destroyed the fish. Then they could have stopped their bitching.
  14. Drossi


    Dobson flies are creepier. Downright scary creatures. Hellgrammites are scary enough but then they turn into those creatures.
  15. Drossi

    2014 NJ trout stocking changes due to disease at Pequest

    Conspiracy.....use a fish kill as the reason to shorten the stocking season to 4 weeks. See how much $$$ the state saves vs. license sales decrease. If the number is positive, we never go back to the 7 week stocking season. I'm fine with that but it should be 2 stockings in April and 2 in May.
  16. Drossi

    Rivers near Wayne, NJ

    For what its worth I wouldn't take your 9 year old there. It is down in a gorge, the wading is rough and its deep.
  17. Drossi

    Waders - What are the best available?

    Simms.....Only pair of waders I've ever had for more than 5 years. I'm bad on them too. I'll bushwack through brush and briars. If I didn't get clumsy and fall on some brush causing a pierce they probably wouldn't ever have leaked. (That was my fault and in no way would I have ever have sent...
  18. Drossi

    Climate change and brook trout habitat

    Lies, lies, damn outrageous lies!!!!!!!!!!!! There is certainly climate change about.....GLOBAL WARMING I tell you!!!!! It has to be, OBAMA said so....:argue:
  19. Drossi

    toms river water temps

    It is for this very reason that I'm a firm believer that the general closed season for trout should be July 1st to September 1st. Sure its radical but it would leave the trout unmolested at a time of year that they are most stressed.
  20. Drossi

    toms river water temps

    Me too. It seems that some people have no qualms about fishing to trout holding over springs just trying to survive the hot summer. That to me is less than ethical but that's just me.