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    New to NY looking for the basic, non-secret fish spot advice

    Google Esopus PFR, Schoharie PFR, West Kill PFR, etc, to get a map of the "Public Fishing Rights" access areas for water you might want to check out. The Schoharie is actually a Mohawk River trib that starts in the Catskills so I'm sure you can find some nice spots up there, which is half the...
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    Esopus Creek

    Good to hear. I haven't been to the Esopus yet this season but plan on going in the next week or so. I went at the end of last season and the water was the nicest I've seen it in years. I suppose the portal issue/rehab was finally fixed but the water was crystal clear and I had a great day.
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    Islamberg in Catskills

    The NYPD hoped to identify groups that were radicalizing other Muslims in order to prevent future attacks in NYC. The use of the terms "investigate and enforcement" is not accurate when it's documented that in these alleged "civil rights violations", the NYPD merely had informants attend mosques...
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    Looking to get lost.

    Biscuit Brook is very nice but during the nice weather, you'd probably see other hikers and/or campers. It's a great day trip. I've been there a couple times over the last few years after seeing a video on you tube from astro camper.
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    Cemetery Pool - Esopus Creek

    Next to the cemetery on 28. Parking is provided as well. Popular spot and worth a look but as noted just go exploring.
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    Early Spring - Late Spring ??

    Maybe not 22 but still a big storm. That old timer called it last Thursday. Someone should deep fry that ground hog that didn't see his shadow.
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    Early Spring - Late Spring ??

    The old guy that works at the gas station on Rt 17 just told me that we're getting 22" on Tuesday. I sure hope not but I still made an unscheduled stop at the liquor store, just in case.
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    Reels The new Abel super series reels

    Abel makes great, quality stuff. It definitely doesn't come cheap but if you can afford it, you can't go wrong.
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    Early Spring - Late Spring ??

    I know it's cliche but in terms of fishing, "it is what it is". I'm hoping for a gradual transition to Spring. IMHO, it sucks when the temperature goes from consistent 20's-30's to 70's-80's in the course of a week or 2.
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    Nj Flyfishing show (Edison Edition)

    I went on Friday and I thought it was great. The place was packed and the only thing that I thought might need to be addressed for next time was the parking lot had become "every man for himself". Cars and trailers parked haphazardly and as a result, a lot of space was wasted and other areas...
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    Newbie here to fly fishing

    All good suggestions. If you don't have anyone to show you the fly fishing basics, it might be a good idea to take one of those free (or very inexpensive) classes that Orvis and LL Bean give throughout the year. When I decided to pick up fly fishing a couple years ago, I didn't know anyone who...
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    need a 6 wt line for brackish water fishing

    If you're not looking to make hero cast everytime the Orvis Clearwater is a good all around line that are priced right.
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    Crushed by Beetle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kind of like bragging that you're the tallest midget in the freak show.
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    Famous people you met while fly fishing

    Meeting Barry Beck would be pretty cool, I did meet Nick Fotiu once but I was skiing at the time. Sad to say but the most famous person I've ever met while fly fishing was that YouTube guy Christian/AstroCamper. He was nice enough but kind of low on the famous scale.
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    What style of restaurant?

    Unless there is a gas station there as well, I don't think any food place would do well. IMHO, people driving between NY Metro and Syracuse (and all stops in between) only want to stop once. I'd love to see a good old 24 hour diner and grab the people like myself that can't stand the Roscoe...
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    Rocking The Ramapo in the rain

    That's a interesting point Rusty. I fish the NY part but I have tried North NJ a couple times. As far as NY goes I always thought the problems arose from all the old dams along the way that still hold water and slows the flow of the river. It's so silty that I've come across spots where you can...
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    Rocking The Ramapo in the rain

    Very nice, I'm up there a lot myself. Very muddy bottom in a lot of spots but plenty river to explore. Did you fish in NY or NJ?
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    Otis' first fish!

    That's a great picture. I wish my dog had the patience to go fishing with me. He just wants to keep moving, smell things and then pee on them. If I stay in one spot to long he'll just walk through wherever I'm casting. Good dog though, glad I got him.
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    The Gorge

    I was asking about the Neversink Gorge.
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    The Gorge

    Has anybody been down there yet this year? I've been on the Willow a couple times and found it barely wadeable and fast (but it's improving) and figured the Gorge would be twice as bad. Looking forward to getting down there.