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    David S. Brandt, 75; Expert Angler, In Fly Fishing HoF - In Memoriam

    https://www.allotsego.com/david-s-brandt-75-expert-angler-in-fly-fishing-hof/ Oneonta – David S. Brandt, 75, passed away on March 26, 2020, at home with his loving wife Barbara by his side. He was born on August 2, 1944, in Oneonta. David graduated from Oneonta High School, Class of 1962...
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    Update on Public Meetings: Cannonsville Dam Hydroelectric Plant

    Update on Public Meetings: Cannonsville Dam Hydroelectric Plant (FUDR Letter below): Here is an update from the two NYCDEP public meetings held today in the UDR region about the proposed hydroelectric facility at Cannonsville Dam in Stilesville, NY. Why has NYC decided to move forward with...
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    Few questions

    Creth, Respond to (3) "And finally what are some other suggestions that you have for a person just starting out." I would first understand that a lot of fisherman talk smack, but do not know what they are doing. In reference to trout and fly fishing, approach and presentation are most...
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    Few questions

    Creth, Responding to (1) "This might be a dumb question but our of the three types of flies dry,Nymph,and streamer what is easiest to use as a nooby?." I would keep it open minded and use all three. Why? This will give you the skills and flexibility to fish in all types of conditions...
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    Few questions

    Creth. To answer question #2 - good flies for bass. Largemouth or Small Mouth? Here is a good selection for both via ORVIS online catalog: Bass, Pike & Panfish Flies -- Orvis I like to see what ORVIS pattern are provided, but prefer, if I do not tie my own flies, to purchase from...
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    Climate Change and Cloudy Water Challenge City’s Water System

    "One solution to the problem is to use Delaware water instead of Catskill water. " Climate Change and Cloudy Water Challenge City’s Water System | City Limits
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    USGS study draft plan

    Actually CTobias, I sold my Hyde boat to a retired Jersey guy many moons ago. However, I am offering to share my drift boat rental with you in early June - no strings attached - as one fly fisherman to another. Let me know if your schedule permits during May 31st thru June 5th. After all -...
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    USGS study draft plan

    CTobias, So I guess old topics overwhelm your reading comprehension? Understood. Duly noted. DTW
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    USGS study draft plan

    John, Would love to meet you for a beer in the future to work it out. Is Lydia's still in business near Winterdale, PA? Let me know if your are available to put a face with the Future Fanatic moniker that has such depth and insight. Your 'intellect' always draws a good chuckle for casual...
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    USGS study draft plan

    Jim, The program official from Department of Interior in Reston, VA informed me via a phone call that you were hired to run the software. Obviously, this conversation was held over 8 years ago, just before my trip to Tennessee to close a deal with the Department of Navy for a contract to...
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    USGS study draft plan

    Jim -- "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown". Your involvement and leadership still bears on-going ties. DTW
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    USGS study draft plan

    Jim, I appreciate your feedback. Out of curiosity, has your volunteering (non contractual engagement - as described in the on-going discussion in this thread) helped DRBC, DEC and DOI NPS in regards to more consistent flows? Has the dwarf mussel concerns been addressed by the various bodies...
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    When fish do the bump...

    Joe - Out of curiosity, have you fished the Limestone/Spring Creek fisheries (Letort, Falling Spring, Big Spring, Middle Spring) in South Central PA? Have you met Vincent Marinaro, Charles Fox and/or fished with the Letort Regulars? HLR
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    split shot vs. weighted flies

    I would recommend getting copies of Joseph Humphrey's Trout Tactics / On The Trout Stream with George Humphrey's and George Daniels Dynamic Nymphing. My quick take is that Mr. Humphrey really provides a solid discussion and presentation of mandatory fundamentals. His focus on accurate...
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    =Upper Delaware River -- Run Off -- Hawk's Nest=

    Thanks TR. Nice to know you are a steward for the best damn trout fishery on the East Coast. Hope all is well. HLR
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    Peacock Adult Midge Cluster Pattern - Hyde Low Rider

    Peacock Adult Midge Cluster Pattern - Hyde Low Rider During the mid 70’s to early 80’s, I had the fortunate opportunity of receiving fly fishing tutorage from a gentlemen by the name of Monroe. Monroe would make weekly weekend trips to fish numerous freestone and limestone spring creek...
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    Coffin fly pattern

    That pattern is a Gary LaFontaine design called The Mess. Your particular imitation has a Green Drake Dun body coloration. The focus of the design is to give the illusion of a Female with eggs. The overlay of the foam is supposed to be the color of the body, and the dubbed abdomen is the...
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    suggestions for my first legit camera

    fly14 I researched and compared digital cameras for about two years and purchased a LEICA D-LUX6 3 months ago. This may be the last digital camera I purchase for very long time. I would highly recommend checking out the reviews on their cameras and stopping by a LEICA store to check out the...
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    Slate Run for the weekend.

    Stealthy approach. Low water, be cognizant of water temps. Early morning before sun hits or dusk spinner falls. Ants, crickets and beetles. Also checkout this site for other details: Slate Run Tackle Shop - Fly Fishing In PA
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    weamer true form hook

    Okay, my opinion: I would NOT use size 14 or 16 hooks as the design does not seem optimal for hooking potential. Size 12 on down - especially larger - I would feel comfortable. Knowledgeable source: The smaller sized hooks - 16 or smaller supposedly had quality control issues.