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  1. jcstikfish

    End of Season Salmon River trip

    Made a end of the season run up to the Salmon with family and friends. Despite being May, still were PLENTY of fish around and fishing pressure was nice and light. Caught fish on just about every fly type. (Eggs, attractor patterns, streamers, etc.) Always nice to fish up there when the weather...
  2. jcstikfish

    Free flies for a year from Hatch Mag

    Those are the patterns that trophy bluegills charge up on!.......Then slowly back away. ~James
  3. jcstikfish

    Mayflies hatching from eggs video

    Those nymphs are instantly great swimmers! ~James
  4. jcstikfish

    Lamson Guru- anyone use them?

    Never have had any complaints with Lamson reels. Currently have a Velocity in use. Great reel. ~James
  5. jcstikfish

    Lancaster FF Show

    Based on your film series..... no chance. ~James
  6. jcstikfish

    QUOTE - Art Flick on Stocked Trout and Selective Trout!

    Of course we would all like to fish for wild fish, in every situation, every day. However, I think most of us....especially us NJ natives would not even be fly fishing adults if we didn't get our start on stocked NJ waters. ~James
  7. jcstikfish

    Jason Bordash, Watercolor artist

    That is a really nice piece. ~James
  8. jcstikfish

    KLG Report -- 1/19

    When your feet are cold, its time to take a walk. Loose fitting boots with some space, and make a conscious effort to keep your toes moving while you are standing still. ~James
  9. jcstikfish

    Orvis River Guard bootfoot waders

    Not to go off topic, but, how was the steelie bite? Thanks for the review! ~James
  10. jcstikfish

    Salmon River high flows

    Had a few GREAT days at 3600. As said by others, really have to pick your spots, and above all, be safe. The flipped over porta john in the video is a nice touch. :beingsick: ~James
  11. jcstikfish

    Fishing art and artists thread

    Going a bit more old school, don't forget about Dave Whitlock. I have a strong feeling many of the artists listed above were influenced by his illustrations. ~James
  12. jcstikfish

    Stripers help

    If you're going to be fishing from a kayak primarily, go with a single handed rod. As others have mentioned, there can be a lot of boat traffic coming and going around the tip of the hook. Current is always a factor as well. Be safe. ~James
  13. jcstikfish

    wonder if it's worth it. ( farrington lake)

    The state stocked 340 fish. Farrington is 289 acres. These trout get pretty spread out and specifically targeting them is tough . The healthy pike population enjoy them as well! So...if you are going to hit Farrington with the fly rod, I would plan on fishing for/catching panfish, pickerel, LMB...
  14. jcstikfish

    Flatbrook Action Alert!!!

    This will be a great change to a section of stream that tends to get "fished out" in a hurry. I will get as many folks as I can to comment and support. ~James
  15. jcstikfish

    Flatbrook Action Alert!!!

    This will be a great change to a section of stream that tends to get "fished out" in a hurry. I will get as many folks as I can to comment and support. ~James
  16. jcstikfish

    Pacu bite is HOT right now!

    Man reels in 10-inch 'cousin' of piranha from N.J. lake | NJ.com ~James
  17. jcstikfish

    How high is too high on the BFB?

    Upper gauge is over 200 today. I would still fish it, but stay on the upper reaches of the river. Look for current breaks close to the bank. Places where you may normally stand may have fish holding in them today. ~James
  18. jcstikfish

    Crest of 1800 cfs

    Its 699 right now, but based on radar, and ground saturation, I'm going to say OVER. Hoping for under. ~James
  19. jcstikfish

    Crest of 1800 cfs

    Is the over/under. Place your bets. http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwisweb/graph?agency_cd=USGS&site_no=01396500&parm_cd=00060&period=7#.UbJjF6H0JiY.email ~James
  20. jcstikfish

    The official NEFF Beer thread.

    It is good. I got it in a McDonalds in Prague! Nothin wrong with that! ~James