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    Stream Report - SBR Claremont

    I haven't fished the claremont much in the last few seasons, but, I've caught brookies in the claremont, though I'd say browns dominate. Never caught a rainbow in the claremont, but I'm sure there are there from the private club upstream and state stockings downstream (Long Valley). All of the...
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    High water, What to do? Options...

    A word of caution. Driftboats on the delaware river system have sprouted like weeds in the last 5 years. 8 or 9 years ago, I don't recall seeing any, just an occasional canoe. Now I see them on the East and West Branch, as well as the main stem. Who knows how many total, but with all these...
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    Long Eddy/Kellams

    I will be up thursday night, friday, friday night, and plan to fish the long eddy area. I'd pay attention to the water temps however. the water temp was in the mid 70's near Callicoon this week, but it should be cooling down, which should improve the fishing. I fish a couple of stretches in...