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  1. Shaq

    Spey nation 2009

    Hey guys, haven't been here in a while but somebody told me about this thread. Going to assume that this is all tongue and cheek and will see you all up there is acouple weeks. I urge anybody else who wants to learn about spey or is just Spey Curious to come see what all the hype is about...
  2. Shaq

    Spey Nation--The Experience 2008

    You're all invited. We want all to come and share in the day. June 21, 2008 Salmon River Altmar, NY 2-Handed Rods Buelah, Echo, Thomas & Thomas, Scott, Orvis, Guidelines, Hardy, Diamondback, Cortland, CND, Winston, Sage, Burkheimer, Meiser Lines Cortland, Guidelines, Beulah, Hardy...
  3. Shaq

    majic tool

    I have a set I never use. bought at the show, I'm a sucker for gimmics
  4. Shaq

    Why Swing in the Winter

    sorry for the pre-mature post. I probably use the spey rod with sink tips 85% of the time and indicator fish the rest. 45 degree wet fly swing with a cast and step technique ala atlantic salmon fishing.
  5. Shaq

    Why Swing in the Winter

    CDog, I don't think we are on the other end of the spectrum. What those guys are doing, even though they are using a spey rod, is not swinging flies. They are Chuck and Ducking with split shot on the line and bouncing through. even though this is a swing, this is not considered swinging...
  6. Shaq

    Why Swing in the Winter

    <embed src="http://www.theanglersnet.com/videofiles/QUESTFORSTEEL.wmv" width="320" height="283" autostart="0" showcontrols="1" type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/"> </embed> I've always wondered why, in 33 degree water, I feel like...
  7. Shaq

    purple nirple

    Nazi, put the whisky down before you blast the tyer. costructive critiques this is not. put your fly up so we can point out all your "mistakes" maybe all the mistakes are on purpose and for reasons...
  8. Shaq

    The Illiad, The Odyssey and the Grande Cascapedia

    Thanks Ralph, can't wait for more. It's the things that happen un-expectadly along the way that makes trips memoriable,
  9. Shaq

    Bobbers and estaz

    <embed src="http://www.theanglersnet.com/videofiles/DWSalmon1111.wmv" width="320" height="283" autostart="0" showcontrols="1" type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/"> </embed> Darthwader and I hit the DSR a few weeks back. Was slow...
  10. Shaq

    Happy Birthday Rford!!

    Happy birthday Ralphie!
  11. Shaq

    indian lake; cedar river flow

    watch the regs, not sure what's open and not up by the flow. Genera; trout is closed but there are some extended seasons and even one or two year yound streams up that way
  12. Shaq

    Latest Trend in Steelhead Fishing

    I like my beer dark, my liquor hard and Double Haul...Chicks dig the 2-hander
  13. Shaq


    Frogge, keep the stones out of your Cap region box but don't forget them if you travel north of exit 20. I tie them big Size 10-6 and weight the piss out of them. yellow/brown and all brown are the biggies.
  14. Shaq

    How Late in The Season Will You Fish?

    Seasons? There's an end?
  15. Shaq

    Devils and Lesser Demons

    The rod is a 13 foot Scott LS2 7wt and the reel is the LAmson Litespeed...biggest... and the line was an airflo delta spey cut back 14 feet with 10 feet of cl13
  16. Shaq

    Devils and Lesser Demons

    I have seen the devil himself and have walked away but not without a bruised psyche. He was sulking in about 2 feet of water 13 miles from the lake. He had taken position next to the fastest water throwing a row of standing waves. I wasn’t looking for him, just moving downstream throwing 25...
  17. Shaq

    The swing must be the thing

    The moving pictures to the story Anglers Net - Fly Fishing Video Gallery
  18. Shaq

    Fly line system for Steelhead in the Salmon River

    Congrats on your first Salmon experience. I am glad it was a good one!
  19. Shaq

    The Angler's Net "Essence of Fly Fishing Contest"

    Hey Folks, Some shameless self promo but you can win stuff. It is our pleasure to announce The Angler’s Net First Annual Essence of Fly Fishing Contest! We have been out securing some great prizes to give away to our to you and we can’t wait to get started. For official rules and ways to...
  20. Shaq

    The swing must be the thing

    I met D-loop at 0-dark thirty on the highway and we headed down the line. We changed in the parking lot of the local snagging shop, met up with Laurens Legend, and headed to the river. Cranky snaggers are not to be tangled with. Coffee Please! The first spot we stopped at, one that we...