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    PORK ROLL, dammit!
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    water temp....

    for the record, the higher the water in the summer, the higher the water temps in the TR TCA. Just sayin' :D
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    Grass Carp

    flyI and LostnLI: What I'm after are grass carp (The grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) is a herbivorous, freshwater fish species of the family Cyprinidae), not common carp (Scientific name: Cyprinus carpio, or similar) I don't think this behavior is for respiration as these ponds are fairly...
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    Grass Carp

    I spooked one in the shallows when I went to investigate the first time I noticed this surface gulping over a month ago (seems to occur towards evenings), that's when I realized (a) the size of these things..nearly 2 ft... and (b) the behavior gave me a shot at them. So in my latest attempts it...
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    Grass Carp

    yeah, well I'm nuts, but a few local ponds have grass carp the size of stripers. so, in searching around the consensus is to try to find a nice mulberry tree, or find them rooting around and throw a "mulberry" fly or green buggah-someorother in their path to get them to eat. However, in my...
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    Action at the Hook?

    It is just starting on artificials/fly. After the next few 70 degree days, yes.
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    With Regards to Andy B's Post on Vises

    used a clampon thompson A knockoff for many years and did well. picked up an Apex Anvil Apex Fly Tying Vise Review Not a true rotary, but with the base and rotatable hook, it's a big step up.
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    #5wt or #6wt for stream trout

    you should keep the rod for salmon or saltwater fishing and contact LL Bean to send you an additional rod: 9' 4 wt. :)
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    First salt water trip - Sandy Hook

    still around... as to Friday, watch the weather, but yes there are still fish around
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    NJ Freshwater Fisheries Forum 12/5/09

    ah, I'll be going to the forum down in dixie... think it's held in Jan or Feb... don't get the same crowd but the same info :) edit: looks like it's feb 27 @ batsto.
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    freshwater FF thinking of salt

    what he said :D :olas:
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    I Think I'm going to write a book...

    I think the entire book should be on the Toms River and why this river is the one which should be restored with Sea Run brookies, also mentioning it's got the best TCA in the state ;) :D
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    First salt water trip - Sandy Hook

    I gave it a go last evening in a jetty pocket and got beat up with nothing to show... but I'm convinced if the surf was down a bit, and the tide up a bit, it would be a killer spot. So I took it as a learning session. Personally I like some waves, but not big swells... the swells crashing on...
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    Looking for a good fishing book

    For the salt: Eastern Tides or 20 Years on the Cape by Frank Daignault are both great reads... just for reading, and can often be found in libraries. For sw flyfishing, I'm currently reading Inshore Fly Fishing by Lou Tabory
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    freshwater FF thinking of salt

    the official daytime hours are "official sunrise" to "official sunset" and they have ticketed a few minutes either side, though there is usually some leeway in the evening... usually.
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    BT, was that excellent salter pic from Red Brook? Btw, for an out of stater, what would be the best approach for trying to fish CC salters? e.g. season, guides, home base (e.g. places to stay), what to use (flies/streamers I assume).
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    freshwater FF thinking of salt

    most guys like to fish sandy hook on the outgoing tide, up near north beach or the rips (false hook). that said, I know of a large body of fish that was at Seaside/Island beach and Long Beach Island last week, apparently just showed up at Brigantine this week. there are guys still picking off...
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    freshwater FF thinking of salt

    late night into early morning is generally the best time for the salt. wxtide is a tool you can download for tides, but there are plenty of tide charts available on line if you search. you'll want some flies of different sizes, but generally long thin profile to match sand eels by Nov 27...
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    Dec. stripes

    ya think? looks like Venice.... :)
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    Dec. stripes

    the storm has been every bit as bad as advertised. expect every hole and cut or other soft structure you saw before the storm, to be gone.