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  1. Randyflycaster

    Micro spey

    What kind of tips do you use with the Rio Trout Max lines: Polyleaders? Mow? Randy
  2. Randyflycaster

    Low River Flows - Why?

    Your answer makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much, Randy
  3. Randyflycaster

    Low River Flows - Why?

    The flows of WB of the Croton by Croton Falls, and the Titicus Outlet by Purdy's have been very low. I'm still not sure what's going on. Does anyone know? Will the flows (and the fishing) ever return to normal? Thanks, Randy
  4. Randyflycaster

    West Branch Croton...boom!

    Were you near Croton Falls or north of the reservoir? Perhaps the DEP finished the work on the dam and is now releasing all water from the bottom. I don't have a car, so if anyone can give me a temp. reading - and time of the day - of the WB near Croton Falls I'll really appreciate it. Thanks...
  5. Randyflycaster

    West Branch Croton...boom!

    Impressive. What was the water temp? I heard it was up to 75 degrees last week. Randy
  6. Randyflycaster

    Delaware River Access: Hancock to Deposit?

    Jeff, I've checked the map. According to it, there aren't any access points between the two towns. However, awhile back I read somewhere that wasn't the case, as there are a number of easy public access points. Randy
  7. Randyflycaster

    Delaware River Access: Hancock to Deposit?

    I'm thinking of fishing the Delaware River (without a drift boat) for the first time. I'm wondering: is river access easy to find between Hancock and Deposit, NY? Thanks, Randy
  8. Randyflycaster

    Catskills Hatch Chart

    http://www.catskillanglingcollection.org/hatchchart.html# Randy
  9. Randyflycaster

    beginners vice package recommendation

    I would try to get a true-rotary vise. Therefore, I'd look at the Danvise - don't know if it can handle large saltwater hooks - and the Griffin Odyssey Spider. You can get both for under a hundred. If you can't go that high, I'd look at the Bass Pro vise for about 60 bucks. It got a great...
  10. Randyflycaster

    Ramapo River Fishing in Suffern?

    I don't have a car, and I know buses go to Suffern, NY. I'm wondering if there's access to the river in the town. If not, doesn't anyone know if a bus stops near where there is access? I'm assuming the river is still open to fishing all year. Thanks, Randy
  11. Randyflycaster

    Henry Winkler, Fly Fisherman

    I worked with a guy who got a bit acting part on Law and Order. He said Henry Winkler is a real nice guy, so when I heard he was a fly fisher I wasn't surprised. Randy
  12. Randyflycaster

    Now Free in the Kindle Store

    Yes, I am, Randy
  13. Randyflycaster

    Now Free in the Kindle Store

    Here's the link: Amazon.com: The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace With the World eBook: Randy Kadish: Kindle Store Randy Kadish
  14. Randyflycaster

    Decent rotary vise at a decent price - $68

    Is it a true rotary vise? I have a rotary vise, but I now wish I had a true one so I could rotate the vise and not change the angle of the fly. Randy
  15. Randyflycaster

    It's gotta be the damn hackle!!

    Please explain. I'm not sure what you mean. Randy
  16. Randyflycaster

    Waders - What are the best available?

    Rusty Spinner, Great info. Thanks so much, Randy
  17. Randyflycaster

    Waders - What are the best available?

    Whatever brand you get, I'd pay a little more and get something puncture resistant. Randy
  18. Randyflycaster

    Still/slow moving clear water

    I've experienced the same situations many times. My guess is that the fish just weren't feeding, and that casting to them is a waste of time. Having said that, if I wanted to take a shot at them, I'd use a streamer and try to get a reaction strike. Randy
  19. Randyflycaster

    Fall dry fly action in the catskills

    According to Eric Peper and Gary Lafontaine - Fly Fishing the Beaverkill - tricos with olive to black bodies and gray wings; September peach flies, size 16; Great Brown Autumn Sedges, size 6; and yes small Blue-Wing Olives. Randy
  20. Randyflycaster

    What trout water is fishable right now from NYC?

    Boyd's Corner's should be running cold. Please practice catch-and-release. Randy