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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

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  1. emoussa

    Golden Beetle: Fishing Report 5.27.2018

    The weather was perfect for a streamside nap. I napped at the Esopus this weekend. I caught a few dinks first at least.
  2. emoussa

    Is Macfly afraid of Moosekid?

    I aspire to be.
  3. emoussa

    Is Macfly afraid of Moosekid?

    Glad to see things haven't changed around here. I got my money on Cialis breath.
  4. emoussa

    mayflies on the neversink

    Hey Charlie. I'm thinking of making the trek into the gorge this weekend if I can find the time to sit down and tie a few flies beforehand. What patterns have been working down there?
  5. emoussa

    The Neversink ... my Waterloo

    I've had great days there and days when I couldn't buy a bite for no reason that I could discern. Love that place. Even when you get skunked its an experience.
  6. emoussa

    Early Spring - Late Spring ??

    Stripers are heating up if saltwater is your game
  7. emoussa

    How did you get into flyfishing

    Like most, I used to spin fish, until one day I looked around a realized I was surrounded by common plebeians. I picked up fly fishing after that as a way of still getting outside and catching fish but also doing it in a way that separated me from the simpletons.
  8. emoussa

    new to the forum

    Are you guys measuring the single pile of snow on the shady edge of your driveways? I must be crazy to be driving to Vermont every weekend when I could be skiing the apparently solid base here in NJ.
  9. emoussa

    Hello All

    Its been a good ski season. Vermont has been awesome this past month.
  10. emoussa

    NEFF - Final days or not?

    Ok about halfway reading the rest of the thread and it looks like we are back on!! I'll post the nudes beetle sent me a while ago. That should bring a little uptick in traffic.
  11. emoussa

    NEFF - Final days or not?

    Whoa haven't checked in in a while. Bit of a morbid thread to start off with. Didnt that nut AKskim want to buy at one point? Maybe give him a call? Or beetle? Whatever you decide, I'm thankful for the years you've been running it. Always been good for a laugh or two and occasionally even good...
  12. emoussa

    Cape Code Flats

    Now that's funny!
  13. emoussa

    Cape Code Flats

    I am big fat girly man. I really can't help you.
  14. emoussa

    Oregon and Washington

    Sent you a PM. We will be backpacking. Not sure if we will have time for both Olympic and North Cascades. The trip is only 8 days and I will undoubtedly want to take part in some tomfoolery in Seattle.
  15. emoussa

    South West Pennsyltucky

    Come on Mac, I'm just busting balls.
  16. emoussa

    South West Pennsyltucky

    Plenty of good options LU just depends what you're looking for and how much time you have
  17. emoussa

    Oregon and Washington

    I wonder if they talk about fishing on political forums? Maybe thats where I should of posted my question.
  18. emoussa

    Oregon and Washington

    3 posts and all you've contributed to the original question is "ehhh i fished the yakima once 20 years ago and it was pretty good"
  19. emoussa

    Oregon and Washington

    There's no real purpose behind this trip so we are pretty flexible. After some initial research last night, it looks like we will be spending the majority of our time in Olympic NP and North Cascades. It looks amazing! Thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep an eye out for those road-side stands..
  20. emoussa

    Oregon and Washington

    I just booked a flight out to Portland for next week. My friend and I will be traveling north to Seattle and I'm hoping to get into some fishing as well. Anyone ever fish out there? Your input would be much appreciated.