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  1. Everybody's Friend

    Annual test of manhood

    How can you guys call CMM a stupid idiot? I wouldn't trust anyone here to do anything that required brains. That's ALL of you.
  2. Everybody's Friend

    Annual test of manhood

    If its based on her mood, Spinner, perhaps you could call it your "annual" test of manhood...
  3. Everybody's Friend

    The 2nd Amendment as clearly written

    Fishhead, you have done well here, but arguing with Tobias is like reasoning with Rain Man at the airport. He ain't getting on the plane
  4. Everybody's Friend

    The 2nd Amendment as clearly written

    My favorite argument of my opponents is based on the distinction between law abiding gun owners, and non law-abiding gun owners. It is a convenient argument, to categorize all gun crime as committed by non law-abiding gun owners. Isn't that always going to be true? That the ones that commit...
  5. Everybody's Friend

    Everybody's Friend Weight Loss Support Group

    I just turned 42 and am fat and short of breath. I don't want to become one of you guys, that fish for stockies in the KLG and think that's fly fishing because you're too fat to hike a half mile to catch a wild fish. So I bought a yellow thong bikini that won't hide an ounce. i will start...
  6. Everybody's Friend

    Some classic reading for Catskill nuts

    Tom, I appreciate your link to some of the finest literature ever produced in the Catskills. What do you make of the fact that not one person here read any of it?
  7. Everybody's Friend

    Everybody's Friend on the Miramichi 2013

    You live in Anchorage now, Ctobias? Or just for the summer? And how are those bamboo Speys treating you? Any more thoughts on the builders, James Reid and Bob Clay, after time to reflect and use the rods? Anyway, I hope things are good, and I am glad to hear that you are in the wilderness...
  8. Everybody's Friend

    Everybody's Friend on the Miramichi 2013

    Last year, I planned a trip to the Miramichi that was an 100% success for everyone involved. We caught no fish, but the way I see it, that's given us a reason to try again this year. So even that was exactly what we hoped for. The trip begins at the end of June. I have arranged for a...
  9. Everybody's Friend

    The 2nd Amendment as clearly written

    Another mass shooting. Chicago Tribune
  10. Everybody's Friend

    Wild NY Bugs

    When I read the title to this thread, I couldn't help but ask myself... Does New York stock any of its streams with bugs? If so, perhaps a thread a thread titled "Stocked NY Bugs" is in order.
  11. Everybody's Friend

    =USGS Chart - Hale Eddy - West Branch - 5/30/13=

    Let's get some background here... When NYC built its reservoirs in the Catskills, there were a series of Supreme Court cases designed to regulate water releases from the reservoirs and back into the Delaware River watershed... Right? And these releases are not primarily for the purposes of...
  12. Everybody's Friend

    Best caption for attached picture.

    Help me Denny Wan Cabarle.... You're my only hope.
  13. Everybody's Friend

    Ran into Golden Beetle Yesterday / Who floated the main yesterday?

    Dluver is correct... We fished together just downstream of the 191 bridge. I didn't like the look of things... But Dluver's assured me that we'd catch fish there. "Maybe not the biggest fish, but we'll be in to fish all day." And he wasn't lying...
  14. Everybody's Friend

    Bald eagle steals fish [0.10]

    I find it annoying when people correct CMM's grammar. The guy drives a forklift for a living, flunked out of community college, and drinks 7 beers a night. CMM is the working class, unrefined version of Flyi4. He was born and bred in the Catskills. And he loves the land. I say that's enough...
  15. Everybody's Friend

    20" Delaware brown with Donahe bamboo rod

    I also noticed this, and it happens whenever I hold the camera upside down. The camera auto corrects, but sometimes my hands look backwards after the problem is fixed.
  16. Everybody's Friend

    Wts 5/11

    All due respect, Barleywine, but I've seen you standing in boiling hot frog water, reeling in chubs. After a few hours, you sweating your ass off, you look happy like you're catchin trout. That's heatstroke. Those still are chubs, Barleywine. You're just hallucinating from the heatstroke.
  17. Everybody's Friend

    20" Delaware brown with Donahe bamboo rod

    I hooked this slob brown on an 8' bamboo rod, with my left hand. I filmed the whole thing with my right hand. And you clowns got nothing nice to say?
  18. Everybody's Friend

    20" Delaware brown with Donahe bamboo rod

    Just an awesome display of fishing with the left hand, as camera work with the right hand. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=vPr7_AHuHjY&feature=youtube_gdata_player&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DvPr7_AHuHjY%26feature%3 Dyoutube_gdata_player
  19. Everybody's Friend

    Simms and Beetle MIA

    NEFF is better than ever without Beetle...