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  1. browntrout27

    Trout addicted

    See? That's why trout don't have teeth.
  2. browntrout27

    Newbie here to fly fishing

    ...or bankrupt after buying all the 'necessary' equipment. Would be interesting to see if the fever took hold after two years. Snarchie, if you are out there - how did you fare?
  3. browntrout27

    Bamboo rod whatsit

    Swamprat - I haven't been on for a while or I woulda jumped in earlier. I don't know anything about bamboo either but inherited a couple of rods from a neighbor and posted about it awhile back. One says Phillipson Paragon and looks similar to what you have. Check out this post -...
  4. browntrout27

    Beer is so low brow...Your favorite single malt!!

    Not much of a scotch drinker either - more a bourbon fan. But a Scottish colleague of mine comes over here frequently and brings his 'house whiskey' which I like. Anyone ever had Jura - Superstition?
  5. browntrout27

    Best of GB Mag

    Your comment sounds a little 'Trump-ish', Beetle. Have you given up on Madame Cankles?
  6. browntrout27

    Sage ESN 10' 4wt

    What did you want Mac? Pictures of the man who bought it? Weirdo.
  7. browntrout27

    Salmon River 2015/2016

    The Little Hebrew, The South Sioux, and Mighty Cherokee.
  8. browntrout27

    Genetically Altered Salmon

    You couldnt have posted this a week ago?????? AquaBounty Tech ABTU - Nov 20 3:50 PM GMT 40.00 +27.50 (220.00%)
  9. browntrout27

    Site problems

    I can't view or post to threads....oh, wait. Forget it.
  10. browntrout27

    Victoria Regular

    LU added on a drive-thru to his house?
  11. browntrout27

    Upper Delaware 05-17-2015

    A banana boat and Asian rods? Goddam site has gone to hell. Buy American.
  12. browntrout27

    Turkey sure can humble the hunter

    I was calling. My buddy threw two rounds at him but really had no shot. There was a gulley that coyote and bird had gone into.
  13. browntrout27

    Turkey sure can humble the hunter

    Last year I had three jakes called in. Wasnt shooting, just watching to see if Tommy boy would show up. From behind me a coyote came barrelling out of the woods and rolled one of the jakes 40 yards in front of me. One of the cooler things I've seen turkey hunting.
  14. browntrout27

    Do you wear a back support?

    I wear a bra. Gives me all the support I need.
  15. browntrout27


    Friend of mine emailed this to me, and, well....I just had to share. Here’s how it really happened: Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunter/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in...
  16. browntrout27

    Cool trip ideas for 2015

    Then you wind up standing naked on a frozen lake chugging Jaeger to keep warm. Good plan.
  17. browntrout27

    Record trout

    You know how they say dogs look like their owners? I guess that works with fisherman and thier catch too. Same facial expression and everything.......
  18. browntrout27

    How to custom-bend forceps?

    Andy - try removing the bend in your hooks. With straight hooks, they can be removed easier and you won't have to bend your forceps.
  19. browntrout27


    Or a smaller poop chute