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    4 TFO fly rod combos for sale

    yes I still have all the rods
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    4 TFO fly rod combos for sale

    yes a 7'6 three wt is a good choice the reel is inter changeable
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    4 TFO fly rod combos for sale

    yes I do I have not sold any
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    KLG Report 8/15

    great report congrats on the fish way to smart with bringing the thermometer!!!!!!
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    Point Mountain TCA to be Year-Round on Jan 1st

    Thats good news to hear thanks for the update.
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    Cinnimon Peacock Wet Fly

    WOW, Thats a really cool looking fly I like the colors
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    klg advice

    Also check out shannons fly shop they will point you in the right direction
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    klg advice

    This time of the year you have to fish early in the morning or late in the evening. High sticking is the way to go for the most part in the gorge. As for flies it changes through out the year but pheasnat tail, hares ear, and caddis, are some flies the trout will take year round but they can get...
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    4 TFO fly rod combos for sale

    sorry they have to go as combos
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    Fantastic wild browns!! 8/11

    Looks like a nice morning with some nice fish
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    Turkey Swamp

    I used to fish that place when I was younger. It has a excellent population of crappie and largemouth bass. I dont think there were any smallies in there. You should do well with the bass on the yak fish big bass streamers. GOODLUCK
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    Striped bass

    As an avid surf striper fisherman. I would love to see that
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    KLG Water Conditions 8/2/09

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    First Fish On a Fly

    Congrats way to go
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    Thats a very pretty fish gotta love the color of the native brookies
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    4 TFO fly rod combos for sale

    BTW: the rods are two piece and they are the lefty kreh pro series
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    4 TFO fly rod combos for sale

    im in central jersey
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    4 TFO fly rod combos for sale

    Looking to sell: 7'6" 3wt 8 foot 4wt 9 foot 5wt 9 foot 6wt All rods come with properly sized cabelas csr reel with wf fly line already spooled up All rod rods are 125 each. The rods have come sock and reels have a soft case. All rods used but in good condition no broken or bent guides...
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    SBR Driving me nuts today

    Some times and I mean some times if there are doing that in evening this time of the year. I also would of tried a size 22 midge hanging from some sort of dry maybe an iso parachute (this time of the year) this is if the rs2 failed to hook up
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    Sutible water for newbie. Advice needed.

    I would have to say go to a river this way you really get a feel for the casting. Fly line on the water feels and acts way different than on the grass. Also you will be able to learn how to mend and high stick and learn how to get a good drag free drift. The more you parcatice in the "element"...