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    Surveying the Bushkill Stream - what a difference a day makes!

    A plane might be overkill seeing as how you can walk to dam and drop a "package" over the lip. I have ridden along that lake a number of times over the last 10 or so years and I can count on one hand the number of people I have seen using the lake down by the club. I have fantasized many times...
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    Surveying the Bushkill Stream - what a difference a day makes!

    Isn't that section of the NB all posted? Steve
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    Musky today

    Ah yes, when the application of science verges on art. Steve
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    Musky today

    Jedi, I was up there last Wed to fish and check out the work. I was very impressed by how natural the renovation appeared. The additional pools and slots should be great holding areas once the micro and macro invertebrates recolonize in a year or so. I was a little puzzled by how much more...
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    All you ever wanted to know to get you fly to float

    I always wondered where the stuff was used before fly fishermen started with it. The warnings are strictly a cover-your-ass thing for legal purposes, if the stuff was all that dangerous it wouldn't be sold for consumer use. Really, you would have to inhale bottles of the stuff to cause lung...
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    All you ever wanted to know to get you fly to float

    You are supposed to put Frogs Fanny on the fly, not on your mustache. That hint should mitigate any safety concerns. Steve
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    cloudy KLG didn't stop me

    The Flat Brook was fishing well today also. A touch cloudy but a good flow. The trout seemed to like it, they were very cooperative. Steve
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    Found fly box on the Pequest today

    I found a fly box along the lower section of the Pequest TCA today. I'd like to return it to the owner if possible. Send description and I will send it back. Fishing was decent with a number of holdover fish landed. Only rainbows, no browns, just the opposite from the Gorge last week. Steve
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    Thoughts on nymph rods

    I have been using a 9 1/2 4wt that I can add an extension to that makes it a 10 footer. I like it but would not want anything longer since I find that I am often hitting branches overhead when setting the hook. This is especially an issue on the Pequest in the areas that I fish. Not too mention...
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    Rangeley trip planned for May 15-20

    Rangely, is that where the the big pipe that comes out of the dam ends up? I never noticed that place but as said before, I have only seen the lower river from the road, never fished it. Nice to know the suckers are still healthy. Steve
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    Rangeley trip planned for May 15-20

    I was the King of the Suckers. Caught a lot crap from my buddies for it but I understood it for the obvious jealousy that it was. I mean anyone can catch the brookies and land locks. It takes a special fisherman to land a 2lb sucker. Steve
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    Rangeley trip planned for May 15-20

    That's funny since I have never fished below the dam. I hope to get back up to the area some day, so many more places to fish. Steve
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    Rangeley trip planned for May 15-20

    I love that place. Most of my experience is on the Megalloway above the reservoir. Started going for the land locks but after some years we started to notice that the brookies kept getting bigger. We would camp at Charlies campsite then boat up to the river in the morning, come back for lunch...
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    I was there Monday. Later in the after noon there were multiple flies, both mayflies and cadres plus a few black stoneflies. Most were in the 14-16 size range and both light and dark colored. Only a few fish were sporadically rising but I did well on a cream soft hackle fished deep behind a bead...
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    help Ken Lockwood Gorge hatches..!!

    You will get different list from everyone who replies. Do yourself a favor and go to Shannon's Fly Shop in Califon and get their recommendations. They are on the river and have fished it for years. Steve
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    Quill Gordon, Henryville Special, LaFontaine Caddis Emerger, Royal Coachman just off the top of my head. Probably a lot more if I sat down and thought about it. I actually have a few of them that I bought but never used for fear of losing them. Steve
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    Shark tooth tippit control system

    I really wanted to stay out of this but dude, orange soda on fruit loops? The only thing that might be more repulsive is watching a buddy put beer on his breakfast cereal when we forgot to get milk on fishing trip to Maine 30 some years ago. And I doubt this was anything like putting stout on...
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    Buoyancy of threads and silk

    Not sure why this is important since even if these materials have a slightly lower specific gravity than water they can't float a hook. It is easy enough to test if you have some around, just take about 6 inches of each and stick them in a container of water and see what happens. The silk...
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    California set to impose harsh new regulations on Recreational Fishing.

    I hate to wade into this quagmire but there are a couple of things that haven't been mentioned that also play into this. The federal law mentioned only applies to federal law, states can regulate as they see fit. California has had additional toxic materials regulations for years, ever noticed...
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    Saying hi from vermont!

    My wife and I lived in VT for a bit when we were working at Dartmouth. If you have access to a boat, canoe or kayak, try the Connecticut for smallmouth and pike. Walleye too if your adventurous. I don't know how well they've held up but I liked the White, Wells and Waits rivers, especially the...