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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

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  1. Hllywd76

    Injuries that SHOULD have kept you from fishing, but you could not resist!

    Looks like a ruptured disk at L4 L5. Been there done that. Left leg nerve was crushed completely and spinal cord was crushed halfway. No pain meds after 4 hours in surgery and a 4" scar. Make sure you get the right Dr doing the work..
  2. Hllywd76

    New Spey Green Machine

    I need that one for the shadow box with your other flies in it.... Very Nice. I see it being a dry fly in the future though..:) Hllywd
  3. Hllywd76

    Filling The Steelhead Box

    Only half that fly box will ever see any fish lips. the other half will never see water. well they may see it but they won't get wet....:burp: Hllywd
  4. Hllywd76

    whats up w this new page

    What about the crackberry.... Like I said I'll wait till your done but it's looking better. lots of things were missing for me yesterday and I assumed you were still making the connections. Looks good so far now. will have to get used to it though... Didn't see any games in the gameroom...
  5. Hllywd76

    whats up w this new page

    Is this going to be all new or the same as before. I don't like the look. Navigation was so easy before. Also I was denied access from the home page. I'll reserve my judgment till you get all done.. Hllywd
  6. Hllywd76

    Calgary Canada

    Our deck one weekend Drak's bring your laptop w/ pics I'll supply the glasses for pete's wine...:hubbahubba: and Beer. We are around Sunday. Hllywd
  7. Hllywd76

    Salmon River fishing report 2010-11

    No fish no water. can we take my boat out onto the lake?????????? nice Hllwyd
  8. Hllywd76

    Shad Reports on the Delaware

    Fished the E Branch on the 7th and saw Shad most of the float. Hllywd
  9. Hllywd76

    Aaron Jasper at Hacklebarney TU

    Funny the e-mail I recieved yesterday said something else. :puking-smiley:. see you till the show starts. Wd
  10. Hllywd76

    A Spey

    Wow :smokelots: Smokin nice fly. Hllywd
  11. Hllywd76

    WTF?!! Attack On The Salmon River

    sounds like a slap on the wrist for almost killing someone. sad very sad. Hllywd
  12. Hllywd76

    BEWARE: Adirondack Retreats Lodge probably has cockroaches that invade your shit

    DC, This remind you of anyone? Look at the players....:puking-smiley: YouTube- Deliverance - Trouble with the Hillbillies
  13. Hllywd76

    Pequannock TCA

    Take it to Hoffmans bridge that would work... Maybe MCR will be there with his bud that's a little Deek. Wd
  14. Hllywd76

    Pequannock TCA

    Monday and Thursday nights after 6 it can go out... Pickup Tuesday and Friday's Hllywd
  15. Hllywd76

    Pequannock TCA

    In OUR town you can put the right at the curb for pickup any regular trash day.:) For this service mwe pay an extra $100 a month. I have Draku's address for a late night drop off..... Hllywd
  16. Hllywd76

    Whats OBAMA Stand For

    It's still we the people right.. Uh we the people have a direct interest in the birth records by law. He must show proof of his birth record to be eligble for that office. Lets go work for him. he owns half the car companies now oh wait that was OUR money that paid for all that.
  17. Hllywd76

    Whats OBAMA Stand For

    There are many that have come here from elsewhere. When those who come here will fight for this country and give their lives then you have earned a right to stand up. Many have done this many have not. No one will ever understand my real meaning to this unless you know me. Only a few here do...
  18. Hllywd76

    Whats OBAMA Stand For

    Then don't read it. It stated OBAMA in the title and it's listed under jokes. And it's also true.
  19. Hllywd76

    Machining my own fly reel

    I had to look at it a few times to say why would he have an issue drilling a hole on C in a washer. Besides that should have read id... He's still missing his Od dim. I just blamed it on the flashing on that old monitor you have....:crap:. I have to deal w/ the friggin engineers here to...
  20. Hllywd76

    Machining my own fly reel

    Burt, Talked to Lane. I have a D punch you could use but it's a little large for a reel. He said the setup would take longer than making the piece. You have to make a jig for the piece to fit the circular table on the bridgeport then go to town. The one we have to punch is about a 3/8 shaft...