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  1. J

    Absolute Beginner - Few Quick Questions

    I saw so many guys by the Trenton makes bridge on the striper hunt once it hit April/May it wasn't even funny. I have my "mobile sportfishing pass" so I'm ok with hunting the salt for striped bass, but I do have a small 14' mirrocraft northport troller, I'll make it out on a riverbound striper...
  2. J

    Absolute Beginner - Few Quick Questions

    Hey all, Thanks again for all the tips. I have not made it trout fishing or to Shannons (too hot anyway really) but I decided to get some practice in really close to my house in the Delaware river to see if maybe I could catch a smallie. Got to try out my waders (70$ amazon pair which did...
  3. J


    Newbie here. We eat scrapple in these parts (Trenton, Central NJ) get my round rolls from the old school "Italian People's bakery" in the 'burg. They know how to do it. I live and breath delorenzo's tomato pies. If you order them as "pizzas" and not "pies" are you even from Jersey? Its pork...
  4. J

    Absolute Beginner - Few Quick Questions

    I am pretty close to the Delaware, and indeed it is the main stem. I typically bring a fishing pole with me when I kayak down the river with my friends/family, but tend to have little luck (and I'm sure thats me not the river) I don't know if there is much in the way of trout in the river. I...
  5. J

    Absolute Beginner - Few Quick Questions

    Appreciate both of you! I was looking up the klg myself earlier today and came across shannons too, I love that they have free fly tying sessions too (maybe not right now due to covid, but its nice to know it will likely be back at some point) Also good to know about stoney brook - it wasn't...
  6. J

    Absolute Beginner - Few Quick Questions

    Hey All, Typical story of "Not new to fishing but new to fly fishing" Brother in law got me a beginner setup for my birthday a short while ago (5wt 8.5'), and I'd like to give it a fair try to see if I like it. I have a few flies lying around from when I tried tenkara, which I just never found...
  7. J

    Absolute Beginner – Few quick questions

    Hi All, Quick intro here, same usual story for the most part, not necessarily new to fishing, but new to fly fishing. Brother-in-law got me a basic fly fishing setup for my birthday and I’d like to give it a fair try. I have a few flies lying around from mystery tackle box type things as well...