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  1. Johnny Utah

    Fly tying question.

    oliver, A pretty neat idea, but I would just tie before n afters. They work great and can be tied in tiny midge sizes. For a little extra add a holographic or opal tinsel mid section to the fly. Ive found that can make the difference on midging trout. :)
  2. Johnny Utah

    winter fishing gloves

    I dont wear gloves for winter fishing. I just keep hand warmers in my wader pocket and i also on really cold days will place warmers in the cuff of my sleeve, so the they are pressed against my wrists. It helps but for the first couple of hours it doesnt matter what you got. Then its like your...
  3. Johnny Utah

    October flies

    :holy: that phone wont take pictures. sorry. :)
  4. Johnny Utah

    October flies

    So what kind of phone do you have?
  5. Johnny Utah

    I played hooky today

    Lol I've never seen an illustration of any knot that didnt make the not seem complicated. But like all knots, the more you tie the easier they are to tie. I think the uni knot illustrations are even more confusing lol
  6. Johnny Utah

    I played hooky today

    Sounds like you had a ball when you unlocked the hatch Tom. That really is a great feeling. And after a 3 month hiatus, im sure it made it even better. The hooks Rusty suggested along with a couple other Daiichis have a wide eye. The gap is a tad wider but the eye is what really comes in...
  7. Johnny Utah

    October flies

    So what kind of phone do you have?
  8. Johnny Utah

    What happened to NEFF?

    Who's "neff"? Who cares.......
  9. Johnny Utah

    Stillwater Patterns

    I dont actually pop the poppers. I just cast and slowly drag them back in on top. Trout of all sizes will strike, reminds me of bluegill fishing. Except it's dark and they are trout. :)
  10. Johnny Utah

    Stillwater Patterns

    When its dark out, trout pound the hell out of poppers. It's really amazing. Yes, this reply is over 3 months late. :)
  11. Johnny Utah


    Everything bagels rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Johnny Utah

    West Branch Delaware question

    And watch out for the ghosts!
  13. Johnny Utah

    Found a Knife

  14. Johnny Utah

    New York to Decrease Sporting License Fees

    Shit! now they will stock 5" trout!
  15. Johnny Utah

    Brown trout feeding question

    They wouldnt take your offerings for one simple reason. The trout were affixed on the predator standing above them. Next time you approach a pool try approaching low and slow. If you see fish dart, plan on standing motionless for about 10-20 mins so they can settle down and resume feeding...
  16. Johnny Utah

    It's gotta be the damn hackle!!

    A.K best said in one of his books, that you can send him that neck and he will gladly tie with it. Give that baby a steaming over a kettle. Should correct any wayward stems you got. That is if you didnt dispose of it! lol :) Also with a whiting hackle, use less turns as the barb density is...
  17. Johnny Utah

    Stillwater Patterns

    pop, pop, pop SLAM. poppers duh. :)
  18. Johnny Utah

    Digital stream thermometers feedback?

    I had a digi thermo a year or two ago, It worked awesome till i ran it through the wash. lol
  19. Johnny Utah

    Cicadas 2013

    Screw cicadas! Tricos are hatching!!!! :):)