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    Cannonsville Problems, Releases and Fishing!!!!

    Not just the floaters. If the drawdown goes as explained, the WB water temps will be frying what fish remain. Worse case scenario would be the pre spawn browns head back downstream and set up near a cold water trib if there is gravel. Hopefully, DEC or PAF&B would have the forsight to close off...
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    Cannonsville Problems, Releases and Fishing!!!!

    Jim, One question you may or may not know. What impact will this have on the spawning browns up in Stilesville. According to " Dont pay attention to anything in my report, McBride", there were spawning trout on redds up in that reach in the beginning of and mid September until I confronted him...
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    Jim, Wasn't that one of the problems with the IERQ or some part of the plan. The water was unused by the end of the calendar year. Every year, there was a surplus and there was always times when it should have been used. I don't like the idea of banking water. Hell 2 weeks ago when we needed it...
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    Summer Releases Back in the Old Days

    When The FERC relicensing occured for Wallenpaupak, they were given more water monthly to dump. They used to have a certain number on the reservoir that had to be the storage target. That number was increased which gave more water each individual month to generate power as long as they hit their...
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    Planing an Alaska float trip on the kanektok River

    Did this trip about 10 years ago and used Papa Bears too. We did it in Sept and spread it over 10 days. I can honestly say that it was the best trip of my life. There were 3 of us unguided. The top half of the river was loaded with silvers, dollies, grayling. You could literally catch 200...
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    One Guess as to

    Jaws, looking downstream, where that giant brown straightened my hook at the net. You trying to rub it in ?
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    So you want a home away from home?

    Might be wrong but I heard that you cant get insurance for those houses on that side of the dikes ever since the flood. They had to do a new flood zone survey and as a result, thats what came out of it. May not be true, but I was looking at a place up stream and thats what I was told. My deal...
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    Delaware Fishery Protection - a small bit of hopeful news

    Fred, Believe it when you see it. They still refuse to give anyone their magical OST Tool so that we can see if they are telling the truth, maybe it's to save embarrasement as hell, the National Weather Service refuses to project more than a week but NYC all of a sudden can project out to a...
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    Lets do some math on river flow

    Dont pay attention to my study !!!
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    Terrorism training in Hancock

    All common sense points except the Blind Sheik who was responsible for the 1st World Trade Center bombing was the Iman for the Hancock training camp or whatever you believe it is.
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    =Hello World! -- Paging Jim Serio!=

    Montague is an average over several days. I just want my wedge mussels. Been 5 years since the 2nd study was implemented because they didnt like the results of the first study,
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    =Hello World! -- Paging Jim Serio!=

    Tony, If I were you, I would be overjoyed. The low flows will stack those fish up where they will be fish in a barrel for the rooster tails and cleos that you habitually have your clients tossing. I wouldn't shoot a gift horse in the mouth.
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    West Branch to start spilling on Tues or Wed

    Jim, When they, NYDEP, shutoff the diversion to NYC in order to do the tunnel repairs, they plan on using water from Croton to make up for it, the way I understand it anyway. What will happen to the river releases ? Will the releases be what is called for in the FFMP or are they trying to...
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    Naknek 2104

    Beetle's got the fish porn covered, besides, Dennis doesnt have enough bandwidth to show all the fish we caught. CTobias got it about right.
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    Naknek 2104

    Couple of nice shots from our recent trip to the Naknek.
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    =Long Eddy, NY -- River Access Improvement -- CrowdFunding=

    Well, I suppose If I had a private access point at Lordville, I would oppose it too.
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    =Long Eddy, NY -- River Access Improvement -- CrowdFunding=

    Tony, That is not even remotely funny. Had our run in with them in Methodist pool. Lucky they escaped with their lives. Also the kid doesnt have a PFD.
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    WB Flow drop

    It was never entered into the official wording of the FFMP. This discusion came up at the WaterWater Everywhere summit and the general consensus was that the releases in the plan, with normal fall rains, should provide protection. But as was pointed out at the time, you cant count on guaranteed...
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    WB Flow drop

    I believe that in the pre FFMP discussions, this very subject was brought up and I thought that minimum flows were supposed to be released to protect the spawners and redds from being exposed. Typical New York, they could give a damn about honoring their word.