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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

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    Yikes this place is a ghost town

    Where are they now?

    So 2 more years then you go native.

    Where are they now?

    You should update this but I’m afraid it would take up too much space on the server

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    I’m glad to see beetle didn’t succumb to Covid

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    Happy New Year to all of you boobs.

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    What a sad state of affairs NEFF has become

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    Testing testing is this thing on

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    Not too shabby
  10. MACFLY

    To keep the spirit of NEFF Alive...

    I can’t wait. I’ll never leave NEFF:)
  11. MACFLY

    West Branch

    Those fish just see too many flies. This time of the year back in the 90s and up to say 2010 you didn’t see many people after bug week. They spent most of the year with little to no pressure at all. It’s completely inverted now. Sad
  12. MACFLY

    Where are they now?

    You’re talking about Beetle right😂
  13. MACFLY

    Software update

    I would support this project. Please proceed
  14. MACFLY

    Storm impact

    I’ll need to investigate this directly. Please send me the coordinates directly.
  15. MACFLY


    Italian People’s makes the best hard roll on the planet. When I was dating my wife we went to meet her family for the first time. As we got about a mile from her mom & dads house I was looking for a sign that this girl was the right one and voila I looked to the left and saw “The pork roll...
  16. MACFLY

    Another dam down

  17. MACFLY

    Another dam down

    They didn’t have back up pumps when thecreek dried last October. I believe there was one other event this past spring where it failed and then I recall seeing the article from one of the TU guys where the agreement was made. I will check the Facebook page and see where it stands.
  18. MACFLY

    Another dam down

    I saw an article recently which stated a settlement was agreed to and a back up generator will be installed.
  19. MACFLY

    Trout addicted

    This literally makes no sense but then again you just went to Montana during the salmon fly hatch and didn’t fish the salmon fly hatch. What a boob
  20. MACFLY

    West Branch Float

    Well since all you can afford is a small coffee that will have to suffice.