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  1. skipper3245

    Dogs on point - show us some pix

    This is at 8 months old. He is looking forward to his first bird season.
  2. skipper3245

    I love The Musky ... But Patagonia is pretty cool too!

    Where did you guys access? I was in Villa Angostura and was looking at where to access but could not find anything when I tried to hike in (which is like 20 miles from town). Kept running into private land. Fished it a little but it was far from the boca and did not get into anything too big.
  3. skipper3245

    Fly Agra?

    I have been using it for a few years now. its great stuff. Made by yellowstone fly goods in Billings. Hard to find, but by far the best floatant out there imo. For bigger flies and any flies that have zlon it really does a great job.
  4. skipper3245

    Delaware River...Motor Boatin.....

    No way dude. as much as you want
  5. skipper3245

    Pa over NJ any day.

    Well What about the Big Delaware. I Consider it my favorite stretch of water in the northeast and is shared by NJ,PA. Both sides fish great from top to bottom.
  6. skipper3245

    Salt Water Fly Fishing in LBI

    I have done alright all over the beach. Depends on where the wind is. If there is wind def head for the dyke but I like the back bay areas when conditions are well. I would for sure recommend a stripping basket. Never thought it would make THAT much of a difference but its huge, at least for...
  7. skipper3245

    anyone ever fish new zealand?

    My buddy did new zealand and he just lived over there for 6 months working at lodges and whatnot which helped pay for his trip. If you want some contact info shoot me a message. Buying a car overseas is a pain in the ass. I bought a dirtbike to get around south America and it took forever to...
  8. skipper3245

    Small Mouths = Big Fun

    reel is doing alright gave me some trouble a few weeks back. tore my line upa bit but its catchin fish
  9. skipper3245

    Small Mouths = Big Fun

    sweet post. Thanks for your take on smallmouth fishing. I tend to enjoy this type of fishing in the summer much more than trout for the reasons as explained. I live down near the boring bucks county water and its loaded with smallies right now along with walleye and stripers.
  10. skipper3245

    Salmon River 2013 season

    I was really not trying to think about steelhead for at least a few more weeks. Summer is way too long.
  11. skipper3245

    Abel TR2 for sale

    I have a abel TR2 palm drag reel for sale. Used it for one season and it has just been sitting around so its up for sale. If anyone is interested just PM me. Reel works fine has some normal scratches and what not but it is in very good working condition.
  12. skipper3245

    Salt water report

    You can catch them all summer on the Delaware but I stop going to the surf pretty soon. Hybrids at spruce run is almost as good.
  13. skipper3245

    Salt water report

    Got some salt water fishing in the past couple days and fishing was decent but not crazy. Landed a few good fish and lots of short fish. Didnt measure or weigh anything but I probably landed my biggest bass on a fly rod. it was pretty nuts since I though there was no way I was going to get it...
  14. skipper3245

    Log jams

    streamer for sure. you need to get the fish's attention. I fish at least 2x while fishing streamers. 3x it too light if you are stripping it aggressively. dead drift 3x is ok but 2-0x on larger streamers imo.
  15. skipper3245

    Does it count if you catch'em like this?

    As long as you can throw it on the grill it always counts
  16. skipper3245

    A streamer

    I would just extend it with some angel hair. its my new favorite material. Great for translucency and adding length. moves nice too. I replace a lot of my bucktail streamers with it. Put it on a deceiver and it looks really really cool
  17. skipper3245

    A streamer

    Pretty sweet fly. I tie my pike flies a bit larger but I am sure it will get something to hit it. pink, white, orange always works. I like the flash. Does it go under the belly too?
  18. skipper3245

    My first Delaware river tarpon

    catching shad when you are going for trout is always a blast since you are not expecting it. They taste better too. Good catch Mac! I bet that fish kicked your butt.
  19. skipper3245

    Favorite hatch on the globe

    yup yup very fun indeed. Also the grey drakes on the upper madison is pretty nuts.
  20. skipper3245

    Favorite hatch on the globe

    late spring yellow iso around dusk on the sbr is always fun. Anyone do any october caddis fishing? I have never hit it but I hear its fun.