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This is what is taking place after flooding in the Catskills. I received this in the morning e-mail.


In the wake of the recent flooding, the initial reaction of many
communities along the Delaware River was to dredge or channelize the
nearby tributaries and streams. So far, with one exception, none of
these communities has undertaken such a massive course of action. We
sincerely hope that's because, as anxieties have somewhat relaxed, there
is a growing realization that the destruction caused by channelizing
tributaries would serve only to increase water velocity and soil erosion
- worsening future flooding. - while simultaneously and needlessly
destroying the environment. And we hope, there is a growing awareness
that there is a viable alternative - the scientifically based
floodplain/tributary restoration plan FUDR has put forth.
The exception to restraining the urge to channelize, was the Town of
Hancock. Adopting a "damn the torpedoes" attitude and without the
benefit of sound environmental engineering, the Hancock Town Supervisor
stated in local newspapers that he would begin dredging "with or without"
the approval of, or the required permits from, the NYS Department of
Environmental Conservation. He had little to worry about; the DEC
readily issued over 400 permits (far too many for the Regional
Enforcement unit to even monitor) to both the Town of Hancock and to
individuals, allowing them to bring in the bulldozers, backhoes and steam
shovels. Even with this absurd number of permits, NY State Senator John
Bonacic, perhaps reflecting election year politics, provided covering
fire for this destructive course of action by publicly chiding the DEC
for not issuing enough "dredging permits."
Compounding the increased velocity during future flood events, the
increased soil erosion and the damage to the environment caused by
channelizing, the Town is, in effect, also shooting itself in its own
economic foot. In just the past three weeks, the contractor hired by the
Town has already destroyed, some perhaps permanently, eight tributaries
that are critical to trout habitat and spawning (fewer trout = fewer
fishermen coming to the area = fewer fishermen dollars) and he continues
his destruction. Broadening this economic picture, and as we noted
sometime back, in just the past two years, $10 million in new land
acquisition/home construction has been invested in the upper Delaware -
all from fly fishermen. Certainly channelizing is not an inducement for
that continued kind of investment - and that increased property tax base.

A number of photos (taken by FUDR members Lee Hartman and Paul Weamer at
different locations) can be viewed on our website
(http://www.fudr.org/tribrestore.htm and / or
http;//www.fudr.org) that provides just a glimpse of the carnage that has
already taken place on just three of these eight tributaries. And eight,
unfortunately, is not the final number - the process of destroying one
stream and moving on to another is continuing with no final number ever
having been suggested; seemingly, the goal is to violate all of the
tributaries. Underscoring that there are many facets to this kind of
destruction, yesterday FUDR discovered a small pool in Humphries Creek
(just channelized) with several wild rainbow trout trapped by the
bulldozer. Unable to move either upstream or down, these fish would have
died. Tomorrow, we'll collect these fish and move them to the
Delaware's mainstem. The question, however, is how many other pools with
trapped wild trout have the bulldozers left behind in their haste - that
have not been discovered? And how many new pools, with trapped wild
trout, will be created as the heavy machinery continues to move from one
stream to the next?
The situation is urgent, the Delaware's wild brown trout will begin
moving into the tributaries in October to spawn; any, if any, of these
wild trout that can somehow bypass the end on end, bank to bank boulders,
will find the traditional spawning redds (beds) destroyed, the aquatic
insect populations obliterated and will likely be unable to return to the
THIS SITUATION IS CRITICAL. We ask that each of you lend your support to
help protect this fishery by calling for (a) an immediate end to this
wide scale ecological destruction; (b) the immediate repair of trout
habitat and spawning tributaries before October; and (c) the
implementation of the scientifically based, properly engineered
floodplain/restoration plan FUDR has put forth (the entire proposed plan
is on our website). We urge each of you to please write, email or phone
the following and to vigorously express your opinion:
Hancock Town Supervisor Sam Rowe, Town Hall, Hancock, NY 607.637.3651,
Hon. John Bonacic, NY State Senator, LOB 815, Albany, NY 12247,
518.455.2800 bonacic@senate.state.ny.us
Hon. Cliff Crouch, NY State Assemblyman, LOB 450, Albany, NY, 12248,
518.455.5741, crouchc@assembly.state.ny.us
NYSDEC Commissioner Denise Sheehan, Albany, 14th Floor., 625 Broadway,
Albany, NY 12233-1010, 518.402.8540, Fax 518.402-9016; to email, you must
go to the DEC website

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