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    The other morning while fishing the Beaverkill ("Sunoco Pool"), I
    hooked into a nice 14" - 15" Brown Trout (See the photo below
    or click the following link for this photo + more,
    using a March Brown nymph (size 14). Andre, one of the guys I met while in the
    Beaverkill Angler and a fellow board poster was nice enough to take a photo
    for me. Andre and I post on a few other boards and we accidentally met up while
    in the Beaverkill Angler. The two of us agreed to fish together. We left the
    Angler and set out for a pool that Andre recommended, "The Sunoco Pool"
    on the Beaverkill. At about 1pm we geared up and fished together for the rest
    of the day. It was windy as hell but we battled the wind and fished anyway.

    After about 45 minutes of fishing the same spot and landing this nice Brown
    Trout, I moved onto another spot about 1/8th of a mile upstream. The river was
    pretty rough for wading, one slip and you're doomed. I saw the spot I wanted
    to fish about 1/2 way across this section of the river (Approximately 1 mile
    downstream from Cooks falls). There was (and I'm sure still is) a nice little
    spot that I couldn't pass up. It took me about 10 minutes to wade into position.
    I had no intention of using a dry fly so I continued using my March Brown nymph
    (Same one I caught the Brown below on). About 5 minutes went by and I see this
    monster rise from the deep and grab something on the surface. Another minute
    goes by, and there he is again. So instead of casting, I watched for about 5
    minutes to see what this guy was taking. It looked like a combo of little grey
    caddis and March Browns. I put on a grey caddis (size 20) and cast over him
    maybe 6-7 times and could clearly see that he was not interested. I then put
    on a Brown Quill dry fly and cast over him a few times and I could see that
    he was definitely interested. He was about 2 - 3 feet under water but I could
    see a white movement each time my fly passed over him. On about the 4th or 5th
    cast, BANG! This baby comes up slowly and slashes at my Brown Quill! What a
    sight and so exciting to see. I'm used to the little 11" trout with no
    meat on the bones (most NJ fish). The 11" fish I'm used to seeing are either
    sipping or compound rising. When you have nothing else, this will do. Now, back
    to the story. This fish ran my line for about 15 feet and it took me a good
    5 -6 minutes to bring him in. Well, bring him close enough that I could see he
    was about 3" larger than the brown trout in the photo. About 4 feet away
    from me, he was released. It was ok though because just seeing him rise for
    my fly and slashing at it was good enough for me. I wish I could explain the
    excitement this brought me. A spectacle indeed! I must add that no NJ fish ever
    fought the way this one did, nor have I ever seen a NJ fish come up for a fly
    the way this one did. Sorry for the NJ Trout bashing, but it's true.

    After a few hours of fishing the Beaverkill, Andre and I then drove up to the
    Willowemoc. We were there for about 1hr and saw 1 trout rise a few times. I
    cast over him with a few different flies and finally got him to slash at my
    tan caddis. I missed him, and we left a few minutes later being that absolutely
    no other fish were to be seen anywhere. A few March Browns, some caddis, and
    a spinner hatch, but NO FISH! Go figure?...

    Later that night, we went into a restaurant and chatted for a while about fishing.
    A few other anglers came into the restaurant and started to chat with us. Well,
    I'll tell you that Andre is one lucky guy. He has fished in just about every
    stream around the country that you can possibly think of. This guy really gets
    around. If you're planning a fishing trip, talk to Andre. If he's not too busy
    I'm sure he will point you in the right direction no matter where you're headed.

    The following day, Andre and I went up to the West Branch. I saw two fish rise
    between 9:00am and 11:30am or so and that was it. We then went further upstream
    to Balls Eddy but not before visiting the Delaware River Club. Balls Eddy is
    a nice place with lots of nice runs in there, but nothing happening. After about
    2 hrs of that, we left and went our own ways. Andre to the Willow and myself
    to the Beaverkill.

    I stopped at Hendrickson's pool and wasn't going to fish as I still had a Mothers
    Day gift to purchase by the following day and it was getting late, but after
    watching this fish rise a few times I couldn't resist. I ran to the car and grabbed my rod and vest and proceded to the a spot about 10 feet downstrem from where I saw this fish rising. I put on a tan caddis
    and floated it over his head maybe 6-7 times and got the hint that he wasn't
    taking. Then noticing that there were also some little grey caddis coming off,
    I put one of them on and after about 4-5 casts, BANG! This fish was pretty big
    too (about 3 - 4" bigger than the one in the picture). A really nice Rainbow
    Trout and very rich in color. He ran my line about 15 - 20 feet and I finally
    landed him after 7 - 8 minutes. I would have loved to take a photo but the batteries
    in my camera died and I was too excited to get into the river so I left the
    camera in the car (what a mistake that was). That was the only trout I saw rising
    for a while. The pool I was in was about 6 feet deep. I fished for about ½
    hr. with nymphs for the entire time. I moved about 10 feet upstream and watched
    for about 10 more minutes. Then I see this submarine slowly emerge and slash
    at a big ole' March Brown. This thing looked like a tree trunk floating down
    stream! I've honestly never saw a fish this big come up from the deep and take
    a fly off the top (live). As a matter of fact, I've never seen a fish take a
    fly as big as these March Browns. I guess I should get out more often. About
    a minute later, I see him again do the same exact thing. There was a guy standing
    about 20 - 25 feet behind me and with all my excitement I asked him if he'd
    just seen the gargantuan trout that just came up. He didn't see it. I was surprised
    because it made a loud splash. This trout was so big… awe forget it, it
    was just amazing. Anyway, I put on a Brown Quill for kicks and never thought
    this creature would rise from below for my puny little size 14 Quill. About
    3 casts, and here he comes. I couldn't believe this. Could he be coming for
    my fly? I doubted it, and quite honestly, I put it on as a joke thinking to
    myself, wouldn't it be funny…….never expecting to catch this thing.
    I used the word Submarine previously to describe this fish because if you've
    ever seen a submarine emerging from the deep, you would understand… they
    seem to come out of nowhere and then they are in plain sight and wow, where
    did that come from (not to mention the size of these things… You never
    expect them to be as big as they are). So I'm watching this thing merge up slowly,
    slowly, then suddenly, WHAM!!!!!!! He actually takes my fly. I'm using a fast
    action T&T 5wt rod, and I've never seen it bend so much before. Come to
    think of it, I've never had any of my rods bend like this before (for trout
    fishing at least). My line ran out over 30+ feet, and my hands were getting
    sweaty because I was so nervous about losing this thing. I had to touch it if
    it was the last thing I did. He took off upstream, then downstream, then across
    stream. This was indeed the largest trout I've ever caught. I was using 6x Orvis
    tippet material which held up just fine during this battle. After about 10 minutes,
    I finally landed the fish and as usual, held the fish and slowely revived him
    for at least 5 minutes, maybe more. He swam away looking pretty healthy.

    I had a small discussion with Andre the other day while sitting at the bar.
    We spoke about how people catch a "21" fish and let's face it, it's
    only a 14 - 16" fish like the one in the photo he took of me. I thought
    the fish in the photo was a little bigger than 14 - 15" until Andre brought
    me to my senses. Let's face it though, that fish caught in any NJ stream is
    certainly an 17 - 18" fish. You know it and I know it. We go home, tell
    our friends that we caught a 20" fish and if you take a ruler to it, you're suddenly
    humbled beyond belief. For an example, click on this link (
    how big is that fish? He's a good 18". In NJ, that fish is instantly a
    24" fish. Now take a look at this link (
    and tell me how big you think that fish is (by the way, that's not me holding
    that fish). Off the top of my head, I couldn't tell you how big that fish is, but the Brown trout
    I caught in the Beaverkill the other day was exactly that size. Even if I had
    my camera, there was no way that I could have juggled the two in order to take
    a picture. I didn't think trout that big existed in the Beaverkill. To see this
    thing come up and take my fly was simply breath taking. After I caught this
    fish, I cut my fly off reeled the line in and left for the day. I was out by
    2:45pm or so, went and purchased my mothers day gift, and was home by 5:30.
    My weekend was spectacular!

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    Thumbs up Nice Story.

    That my friend is a great story and the picture is good to. I caught a few nice trout just like yours. Did you notice that on some of the fish it looked like something was eating away at them? This could be some kind of water parasite or maybe birds picking at them. I don't know. Anyone have any ideas?

    Catskill Lover

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