Four buddies were out on their anual fishing trip. At one time, it was easier to get out, and they also happend more frequest.
As they were on the boat the first guy starts his complaining:
"To get my wife to let me out this year. I had to promise her I would mulch the flower beds and cut the lawn when I got home."
The second friend then got mad this was all his friend had to do. he stated, "I had to promise my wife i would start building her new porch and buy her a new puppy"
The third friend who was a little more well to do than the others said "I had to buy my wife a new BMW to shut her up about htis years trip"
Some time had gone by and the three friends turned to their other friend and said "Joe, what, you didnt have to do anything crazy?"
Joe replied, "I didnt mention it to her ahead of time. I set the alarm for 4am, nudged my wife and asked her 'fishing or sex?' She told me to wear some sunblock."