Quick note about registering on this site. When you register, an Email will be dispatched to the email address that you entered into the box provided for your current email address.

If you make a typo in your email address or put in a false email address, the email dispatched from this site to your email will obviously not get there. Also, if you have your email set up so only a selected list of people can contact you, the email from this site will never get to you.

So what's the big deal about your email address? It's just to confirm that you are a legitimate user. Your emails are not sold or given away however, if you chose to allow people from this site contact you via email, than they will be able to do so.

Some people contact me and tell me they never received the emails. There are many reasons for this.
  • You had a typo in your spelling
  • You're at work and registered from a home email addr or vise versa
  • You registered using a Yahoo or AOL email address but are checking your comcast or Optimum online (or vise versa) email address for the message.
  • System error on our behalf.
If you recently registered and don't receive an email from this site within 1-10 minutes, please email me so I can look into it immediately. I noticed quite a few people that registered but never replied to the email this system sent out to you. If I don't know about the problems, I can't fix them.

If you're already a registered member, please don't re-register under a different name. I can change your existing name to something else if you like. There are at least 10 people with at least 2 accounts. It's not too much of a big deal, I just prefer you limit it to 1. This makes the site statistics more accurate. I can combine accounts too, so if you had a username and figured it was time for a new identity and re-registered, I can combine your posts from a different username into your new one... That's always an option to keep in mind.

Thanks to all of you for your cooperation and contributions.

*By the way, the uploading of photo's should be working without failures now.