Many moons ago, several members of this Board, led by Chief Cabarle, traveled to a stream bank on the West Branch of the Delaware just south of the WBA. Our mission was to remove all the garbage that was thrown over the bank from the roadway probably decades worth of stuff including appliances and household garbage. Yesterday I returned to the scene which I would describe as being south of the West Branch Angler adjacent to a large pull-off. The trees have yellow posted signs discouraging any angler from descending to a fine stretch of water. The posted signs bear the name and address of the property owner. I sadly report that the local fun sport of garbage tossing has resumed. The good thing is that I saw no appliances down the embankment. Apparently the landowner does not want any anglers traversing the steep grade to fish the public waters below. I am not sure how he could discourage the garbage tossing.

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