So who's going to the NJ Trout Unlimited event this Saturday at the Raritan Inn water to watch the boys try to catch those wily trout of Shannon's private waters that think the pellet hatch is a natural phenomenon? Really, the trout think the sun has to line up every third day at the right time, and the water temps have to be just right, and the moon, and the wind, and the barometer..........and suddenly the water is filled with these edible, pellet shaped, wingless spinners falling on the water.

Ok, so let's hear from you all - what will the winning fly be? A mop? A bugger? An egg?

I'm going with a two-faced, simple legged, one-eyed, hard hackle horses ass.....size #6/0 fished on a 10 foot, 2 weight bamboo made by Per Brandin using a Garrison taper 3 piece model with a carbuncle burl up-locking reel seat. Yep, Everett Garrison...look him up, the real deal.

Smell that!

See you Saturday.


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