You may recall that in 2014 the Borough of Oakland undertook a project to restore their section of the Ramapo River, not unlike similar projects on the Musconetcong, and the Raritan.

Since the Borough Council never does it right the first time, there were a series of missteps that culminated in the the Mayor & council meeting of 5/23/18 when the contract with a certain contractor was terminated for "Breach of Contract".

One of the most severe critics of the "missteps" has since become a Councilman, and is now taking the lead in resuscitating the project, and reestablishing a relationship with the DEP.

At last night's council meeting he announced that he expected the work on the "Muscle Study" to be completed today. This should enable them to make a realistic scope of work, and apply for the permits with a realistic probability of approval .... If things go well the work could be done in 2019.

~~~~~~EDIT - 10/13/18~~~~~~~~
The Muscle study has been completed.
EJTU is back on board.

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