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    Where are they now?

    Let's play a game! Where are they now?

    Some of the old timers that vanished. These were NEFF regulars.

    RFord - Ralph is alive and well. He's turned his life around and went from consulting mogul to professional photographer. This prominent staple graced this forum with wisdom and people wearing rubber suits. Today he can be found photographing birds on the Jersey shore.

    AKSkim - Word on the street is that after AK left NEFF, he took to the corners of Jersey City with an empty coffee cup asking for spare change at the entrance to the General Pulaski Skyway. After finding out that he wasn't General Pulaski, he jumped off the bridge and was never seen again.

    Flytier - Now who didn't love Larry Miri!?!?! This 15 minute of fame superstar went from selling Paul Weamers patterns to POOOOOOF! Here today, gone tomorrow! Where is he now? Rumor has it that he finally made it big for CBS selling ad space for a fake news media channel.

    TomFly - Tom was a wonder to NEFF and its members (as in, I wonder where the F Tom went). After donating to NEFF, he offered to host a fly swap. Apparently, this was a scheme to get his donation back in home tied flies! Tom devised the first ever NEFF Ponzie scheme. He lured everyone in then he disappeared with the loot never to be seen or heard from again.

    JOE T - Now JoeT was something else. Joe T was one of the very first members on NEFF offering quite a bit of Al Caucci's already available information. We were grateful for this because before JoeT, nobody ever heard of Al Caucci. Al got rich from NEFF and so did Joe T.

    After teaming up with Pat Giacomo and forming the tag team, "Emporers of the Delaware", they lost the last match and dissolved the team. JoeT checks in every so often but leaves his hot-tempered legacy behind. Joe T can be seen sucking down lemonade while fly fishing never before seen Neversink watershed waters. If you see Joe, send him our regards. Something tells me he'll be pretty pissed off though, maybe you should leave him alone.

    MATT GROBERT - This bum used to visit... Awe hell. I'm not even going to mention him.

    Surely everyone here still knows one of our old timers. Let's hear where they are now.

    Pictures taken before/after/during fly fishing:

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