The invasive New Zealand Mud Snail has been officially documented in the Musconetcong River in several locations downstream of Route 78 between Warren and Hunterdon counties. This species is a threat to our freshwaters and may displace and compete with native invertebrates.

Despite its name, New Zealand Mud Snails can tolerate a wide variety of habitats, including reservoirs, estuaries, rivers, and lakes. They are most prolific in water bodies with a constant temperature and flow, but are highly adaptable. Measuring just 4-5 mm in length, they are easy to overlook - but a single female can result in a colony of 40 million snails in one year!

Anglers and boaters are urged to do their part to protect New Jersey's aquatic resources by inspecting equipment transported between waterways, including boats and trailers, and to CLEAN, DRY and DRAIN all equipment and clothing BEFORE visiting other waters.

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