Having drifted the West Branch of the Delaware, I'm trying to find other locations that have enough flow to drift (I do understand with little rainfall that will presently be difficult.). I was not able to locate information on which rivers are suitable for this. Any suggestions? Targets - Eastern PA, NY, and CT

Also, WBA (West Branch Anglers) offers a rental service which is helpful because I'm not ready for a full boat commitment. Was curious about alternatives to this. Is there a service that offers rentals in the Tri-State area similar to ski equipment rentals?

In researching NY rivers I was able to find some information on various trout rivers with state documented fishing areas, specific to the river being reported on. However, topographical maps, and specific maps on rivers were very difficult to locate. Other than the standard topo. map for NY I was not able to successfully find a map with detailed river information. Have I overlooked a resource someone can comment on?

Thanks for any support!

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