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    mayflies on the neversink

    I've only been fishing it for 5 or 6 years so I don't know this first-hand -- but from what i've heard, the Neversink was hit pretty hard during Irene and people say the hatches of mayflies have been pretty non-existent since.

    I've spent a good deal of time down in the gorge. Outside of cloudy day olives in May, and sporadic evening Isos in late August/September -- I've never seen a "hatch" of mayflies. I'll see one here or there mixed in with the pretty regular caddis hatches, but nothing that would encourage you to tie on a mayfly pattern.

    Maybe i'm wrong about the whole thing -- but I was in a blizzard hendrickson hatch the other day. You could cut the number of bugs in half and it would still be four times as many Hendricksons as i've ever seen down there...and I usually get a good 5 or 6 days in there about this time a year each season. I think I woulda seen some if they were around.

    Anyways -- could be a good sign...

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    Re: mayflies on the neversink

    Irene was nearly 8 years ago, and any damage done is more or less considered in the past by now when it comes to macroinvertebrates.

    Sorry I wasn't with Rick Axt when he bumped into you and your drift boat last week. Rick is a notorious NEFF lurker, so maybe I can pull him out of hiding to respond here. He mentioned he needed to get his login in reset as it has been years since he posted regularly.

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