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    How did you get into flyfishing

    Thought my story how I got into fly fishing might be interesting, wondering what others experience might be, so here is mine.
    When I was a young man I took my daughter to Frost Valley YMCA camp in Claryvile NY, Catskills. I brought my spin rod with me and started fishing worms and lures.
    I guy saw me and said, hey asshole what do you think you are doing ? I had no idea what his problem was so ignored him. Then ran into another guy who nicely explained these wild brookies are special and have been here since the ice age. He said he and his wife drive up from N Carolina once a year just for the experience. He further explained what fly fishing is and why we do it vs worms and lures. I thought that is really cool, so I went out and bought a 7 weight fly rod, had no idea what I was doing but brought it with me next time I went. Strange thing is I caught so many fish I could not believe it with the wrong rod and wrong fly (this was following a thunder storm in the summer during a drought) I then ran into a guy who told me I need a much lighter rod so figured if I could catch all those fish with the wrong equipment, imagine what I could do with the correct equipment, surprise, never did that good again in the next 30 years. The lesson learned that got me into the sport is that" hey asshole' is not the way to get people into fly fishing", a gentle education of the values we embrace is the way to go.So many of us think we are elite and worm guys suck, maybe no one ever tried to educate them , after all we are all out for enjoyment, even them. We have some responsibility here to, so glad I ran into the guy who explained this to me rather than make a fool of me. Anyone else have a good how I got into it story ??

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