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    Some asshole...

    I visited an old NJ Stream I used to fish for the first time the other day in the freezing cold. I haven't fished in months because shit happens. So when the opportunity knocked, I put all of my warm shit in the car along with my fishing stuff and took the hour ride. I counted 5 people who had the same idea I had except for 1 thing. I was looking for solitude. So what do I do? I walk downstream for a while until I see only 1 guy about 3 football fields away and start nymphing. Now I don't like to brag but I banged out 6-7 decent 12 - 14" trout out of the few pools I fished. I was having a blast!

    I'm having a great day but I notice this guy creeping up slowly; then he starts watching. I can feel what's going to happen because he see's that I'm catching fish and he's not. What happens next? The guy says hello then stands a pubic hair away from me and starts casting upstream right in front of me! What an asshole! I just packed up and left because I already had my fun but WTF happened to etiquette?

    Anyway, I get home and see if maybe he's a friend of a friend on Facebook and I find him here!

    CLICK HERE to the turds facebook page

    If you're friends with this guy, I feel sorry for you.

    If you see this guy, run for the hills or at least pretend you're not catching any fish near him.

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