Who's the most famous person you ever met ,just by chance , while fly fishing? Mines Lee Wulff ,just before he died . It wasn't actually while on the water ,I was fishing the Beavekill and The West Branch and it was a rainy day and I stopped into the Catskills Fly fishing museum and he was there tying dry flys by hand ,no vice in front of a few people.I also met a Retired General from the Pentagon while fishing at Hale Eddy back in the 80's. He was also a pilot in Vietnam nam . We had a four hour conversation about life in general , He was one of the most intelligent and thoughtful person I ever met. He gave me a ride back to my Truck and My fishing license fell off.in his car. A week later my license came in the mail with a full page letter about the things we talked about. I still have that letter to this day.
Anyway,enough of my driffle ,who's the most famous person you met while fishing.

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