We've been online for quite some time now. 2001 or 2002? That's a long time!

My host just told me they will be pulling the plug on the server that hosts this site at the end of the month (December).

We have a few options.
1. Pull the plug on the site.
2. Create a Facebook page/group and run the site from there.
3. Find a new host and let the site run, but keep in mind, I'm paying for it and if I'm paying for it, I'm not so sure it's worth it to keep up for the small handful of people we have here.

Also, this will take me quite a bit of time because I haven't paid much attention to this software in the past few years therefore, I will have to figure out how to configure it all over again.

I'm interested in your opinions. I know the site still matters to some of you so before I do anything drastic, speak up!

To everyone / anyone who stuck around through the good / bad / ugly, Thank You!

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