Hi All,

Starting to get worried for the near future.

The current version of the FFMP release plan ends on May 31st. The past few years, the program has been extended each year on a temporary basis.

This year appears to be different.

The parties (NY, NJ, PA, DE and NYC) to the 1954 Supreme Court Decree have to have a unanimous vote to continue the current FFMP program.

Back in February, NJ stated they would not be able to extend the agreement unless their list of 8 demands were met.

Now, two months later the parties still have not even really sat down to negotiate a solution.

Now NJ has blustered like this in the past, but this time it feels a bit different.

Most involved with the situation feel that the FFMP may not be extended.

Now for the bad news. If FFMP is not extended there is a very good chance that we will revert back to the last permanent agreement which is called "Rev 1". This would be a huge step back as we would revert to the release table as specified in Rev 1.

June 1st releases under FFMP: WB = 500, EB = 140, NS = 110

June 1st releases under Rev 1: WB = 45, EB = 70, NS = 45

That is not a typo. The releases on the WB will drop from 500 to 45 overnight!!

Get your fishing in this month!!!


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